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    Canon Expo 2005 Opens in New York

    The Future of Imaging
    Technology is on Display at Canon EXPO 2005 in New York; With A New
    Corporate Slogan For The Americas, Canon imageANYWARE, Company Sets to
    Create Borderless Environment of People, Devices, Images, and

    NEW YORK, Sept.2005 – Canon today embarks on a global technology
    tour beginning in New York known as “Canon EXPO 2005,” to also take
    place in Paris and Tokyo later this year, showcasing the most
    comprehensive display of current and futuristic imaging technology from
    the global R&D and patent leader.

    “Canon imageANYWARE’
    Canon U.S.A. also launches a new corporate slogan for the Americas,
    “Canon imageANYWARE,” representing the Company’s initiative to create a
    borderless environment of people, devices, images and information.

    “Canon EXPO 2005 shows the world that our imaging innovation virtually
    knows no limits,” said Joe Adachi, president and chief executive
    officer of Canon U.S.A., Inc. “With the impact digital advancements
    have had on imaging technology in recent years, the future holds much
    promise in enriching our personal and work lives even further. In this
    future Canon imageANYWARE creates a borderless environment between
    people and devices where images and information are exchanged in a way
    that lets us live and work the way we want, virtually anytime,

    Canon EXPO 2005 in New York is an over 150,000 square foot
    exhibition(1) of consumer, business, and industrial imaging technology.
    In addition to emerging technology demonstrations that give a glimpse
    of the future of digital imaging and workflow, Canon is making official
    announcements in the High Definition (HD) recording and Commercial
    Print categories.

    Introducing Canon imagePRESS™ Brand for Digital Color Print
    Canon U.S.A. today also unveils a new brand for the Americas for its
    future line of high-end, high-quality digital press devices: Canon
    imagePRESS. The new imagePRESS brand was developed to significantly
    expand Canon’s presence in the color production and commercial graphic
    arts printing markets, where customers such as creative services
    companies, advertising agencies, design firms and marketing departments
    all require best-in-class color and image quality. Also fueled by the
    digital color requirements of the commercial print and graphic arts
    markets, imagePRESS strategically expands the high-end digital printing
    portfolio of the industry’s leading and most successful quality color
    equipment manufacturer.

    With Canon imagePRESS, “image” represents the unifying namesake of
    Canon’s industry-leading product portfolio, including imageRUNNER,
    imagePROGRAF and imageCLASS. Combined with “PRESS,” the brand
    highlights Canon’s integrated and customizable solutions that continue
    to revolutionize workflow. “PRESS” also underscores the company’s
    commitment to providing the commercial print and graphic arts
    industries with unrivaled benchmark image quality, reliability and

    “Canon’s brand is synonymous with color quality. Since the introduction
    of the CLC 1 in 1987 we have led the U.S. color copier/printer market
    in market share for 18 years running. The new imagePRESS brand builds
    on this successful heritage in color document production, giving a
    market with limited choices the assurance of choosing Canon,” remarked

    Emerging Technology
    On display at Canon EXPO are several conceptual examples of
    “CrossTechnology,” where comprehensive sets of imaging and
    collaboration technologies are distributed around an enterprise and
    integrated into devices at the chip level. Specific applications
    include “CrossMedia,” focusing on Canon’s advancement in color science,
    and in delivering super-accurate color across devices, “CrossService,”
    demonstrating how intelligent devices will soon be working together to
    provide a rich network of intelligent workflow and powering new levels
    of connectivity, multi-functionality and the next phase in the
    evolution of Canon MEAP® (Multifunctional Embedded Application
    Platform) technology, and “CrossPerson,” demonstrating how Canon is
    expanding the boundaries of collaboration and information flexibility.

    High Definition Capture and Display
    Today Canon introduces its first High Definition (HD) Camcorder for
    electronic newsgathering, sports and episodic television, as well as
    documentary and feature filmmaking applications. The three CCD XL H1
    High Definition Camcorder delivers crisp high-definition video at 1080i
    resolution and features selectable frame rates of 60i, 30 Frame and 24
    Frame, and can switch back to SD resolution if needed. These features
    allow the user to adjust to the assignment at hand.

    Built into the camcorder is Canon’s professional jackpack terminals,
    which includes features like uncompressed digital HD-SDI output for
    seamless integration into broadcast studios or high-quality image
    transfer to non-linear editing systems. The Genlock feature allows
    movie sets to easily synchronize camera settings across multiple
    camcorders and SMPTE time-codes in-and-out allow for streamlined tape
    and edit management.

    The XL H1 High Definition (HD) camcorder is being shown at Canon EXPO
    in a technology demonstration that also includes SED flat panel
    television displays jointly developed by Canon and Toshiba.

    “The anticipation surrounding Canon’s entry in the High Definition
    Video Camcorder space is now over. The new XL H1 comes to market just
    at the right time, as the HD transition accelerates, making a similar
    impact as the very successful XL Series that preceded it,” continued
    Adachi. “When demonstrated with our future SED flat panel television
    displays, it is literally clear to see that Canon will play a
    significant role in bringing outstanding HD broadcast content and
    display technology to our customers.”

    The XL H1 camcorder will be available in November for an estimated selling price of $8,999.

    Medical, Semiconductor, and Broadcast Technologies
    As a leader in the Medical, Semiconductor, and Broadcast fields, Canon
    will display current and emerging technologies in each area. Attendees
    will have the opportunity to learn how Canon is partnering with a wide
    range of industries to deliver state-of-the-art solutions in these

    Environmental Activities
    Canon places the utmost importance on achieving a sustainable harmony
    between the environment and its corporate activities. In addition to
    presenting Canon’s future environmental solutions, Canon EXPO 2005 will
    also showcase current environmental conservation initiatives.
    Technologies that dramatically reduce the energy required to power
    office and consumer products will be on display. In addition, Canon’s
    resource conservation initiatives and systematic approach to chemical
    substance control in its manufacturing process and finished products
    will also be on display.

    Canon U.S.A., Inc. delivers consumer, business-to-business, and
    industrial imaging solutions. The Company is listed as one of Fortune’s
    Most Admired Companies in America and is rated #35 on the BusinessWeek
    list of “Top 100 Brands.” Its parent company Canon Inc.is a top patent
    holder of technology, ranking third overall in the U.S. in 2004, with
    global revenues of $33.3 billion.