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 user 2005-09-19 at 12:12:00 pm Views: 68
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    Kodak to invest US$100 mln in digital plant

    Sept.05 — Imaging giant Eastman Kodak announced yesterday that it
    would invest up to US$100 million to build a computer-to-plate plant at
    its Xiamen campus to serve the fast-growing commercial printing

        Kodak will register a company in Xiamen- Kodak
    Graphic Communications (China) Co Ltd – for operations related to
    design, development, processing, manufacture, integration, sale,
    maintenance and servicing of computer-based digital graphic
    communications products, equipment, systems and materials.

        The construction of the new facility will begin
    immediately after project approvals are secured, with some operations
    starting in the middle of next year.

        “The Xiamen campus will become a centre for digital
    media and related products as Kodak continues the rapid transformation
    to a digital company,” said Daniel T. Meek, senior vice-president of

        Other digital media currently produced at the campus
    include Kodak “dry view” films used for medical imaging and films used
    for the manufacture of printed circuit boards, Meek said.

        He added that the company recently moved to create a
    finishing operation for ink jet paper at the site and will continue to
    evaluate manufacturing expansion for future digital products.

        “Kodak is transforming itself, and so is our Xiamen
    plant,” said Ying Yeh, chairwoman of Kodak’s Greater China Region.

        She said: “I am delighted to see our Xiamen campus
    engaged in manufacturing for all three pillars of Kodak’s business:
    consumer, health and graphic communications.

        “This site, which once produced only traditional
    products, will also produce digital media and related products with the
    capability to supply markets worldwide. This is a good development
    opportunity for the Xiamen campus in Kodak’s transformation.”

        Prior to completion of the new plant in Xiamen,
    Kodak will continue to supply customers from its Kodak Polychrome
    Graphics (KPG) plant in Tianjin, which was acquired earlier this year.

        The new project will not interrupt product supply or
    delay KPG’s timetable to locally supply the China digital plate market.

        Kodak’s global sales volume hit US$13.5 billion last
    year, with more than half of its revenues from the digital business