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    HP launches world’s first 9-ink photo printer

    Chennai, Sept 05: Adding
    momentum to its leadership position in the printing space,
    Hewlett-Packard has launched the world’s first nine-ink photo printer
    – the Photosmart 8758 — for the professional segment.

    Traditionally, photo printers have only eight inks, but the PS 8758 has
    an extra colour – blue – which ensures that photographs are richer and
    more vivid, making this printer the best possible option for commercial

    Announcing a new package of photo printing solutions to suit everyone,
    ranging from the home consumer to the professional photographer, HP
    also launched the HP Photosmart 7838 at the entry-level and HP
    Photosmart 8038 at the mid-end.

    Speaking during the launch, Ravi Aggarwal, vice-president, Imaging and
    Printing Group, said, “HP is already a world leader in the printing
    industry. The latest results peg us at an 82 per cent for lasers and 71
    per cent share for the inkjet A4 market. At HP, we have always worked
    towards products which are innovative; the new nine-ink photo printer
    is another such invention from the HP stable, which will take photo
    printing to the next level.”

    Also present at the launch was Michael Yamash*ta, internationally
    acclaimed National Geographic photographer and brand ambassador for the
    HP Photosmart range of photo printers. His work has won awards at some
    of the world’s most prestigious photography shows.

    Commenting on his experience with HP Photosmart printers, Mike said,
    “During my three-year assignment with National Geographic, following in
    the footsteps of Marco Polo from Venice to Beijing, I captured some
    really spectacular shots of the mountains, canals and natural
    seascapes. I printed these shots on the HP Photosmart 8758 and was
    amazed at how real the colours and shadows of each photo came through.
    In particular, the intensity of the blue found in the water and sky
    were vividly transformed onto each print.”

    The photo printing space in India is growing rapidly. Digital studios
    are moving towards the use of photo printers. Consumers are beginning
    to use photo printers for home photo printing. Further, it is estimated
    that there are roughly 1,00,000 photo studios in India. There are more
    than 1,00,000 camera phones sold each month. Approximately 30,000
    digital cameras are sold each month.

    The rise in the use of image-capturing devices translates into huge
    opportunities for photo printing. Further, vertical segments are
    increasingly using click-and-print applications.

    Photo printing as a market is poised for a doubling of growth
    year-on-year. Printing photos with photo printers offers a number of
    advantages. For the professional segment, it offers – most importantly
    - much better picture quality than the traditional methods of photo
    printing. Also, using HP proprietary Vivera Inks, photos remain as
    bright and vivid as on the day they were printed for years.

    The extraordinary performance of HP Vivera Inks results from superior
    ingredients, unique ink formulations and painstaking manufacturing
    processes that ensure exceptional purity. In addition, the technology
    in HP Vivera Inks is designed to be adaptable across a wide range of
    printing applications. Photo printers also give much richer prints,
    simply because they can give an output of up to 4800 dpi, as against
    traditional silver halide which offers an output in the range of 300 -
    600 dpi.

    Home photo printing is also much more convenient with a photo printer.
    Rather than go to a studio and wait for your prints, home photo
    printing offers instant gratification. Further, one can print just what
    one wants. Best of all, photo printing at home now costs the same as
    printing photos the traditional way at a lab. There is an overall cost
    saving by printing at home.

    HP Photosmart 8758

    This revolutionary nine-ink colour personal photo printer is designed
    for the professional, fine art, portrait and serious amateur
    photographer who wants finished, professional quality prints. The
    printer incorporates an additional colour – the HP 101 Photo Blue
    Inkjet Cartridge. This means blue hues in common photo subjects are
    richer and deeper than before, especially in the mid-tones, creating a
    stunning effect.

    Further, black and white photos are of gallery quality, something which
    no other printer can match. This printer gives borderless prints in a
    variety of sizes – passport, 4×6, 13×19 and 8.5×24 panorama up to A3+
    size. The printer makes the most of high-resolution input data with its
    highly optimised 4800 dpi printing.

    What makes it even more attractive to the professional photographer is
    the fact that this printer can be seamlessly connected to Adobe
    Photoshop, thereby allowing application of colour management tools for
    prints with customised colour effects. All customer requests can be
    resolved at the touch of a button. The HP Photosmart 8758 is priced at

    HP Photosmart 8038

    The HP Photosmart 8038 is ideal for mid to low volume printing. It is a
    six-ink printer which can be expanded to eight-ink. It is a great
    option for people who are comfortable with technology and who can
    derive the enriching benefits that this technology can deliver. The
    1.8-inch colour LCD monitor can be used to view photos and for photo
    editing and printing without a PC. The printer gives true-to-life,
    long-lasting photos and laser-quality text documents with graphics. The
    HP Photosmart 8038 is priced at Rs.7,999.

    HP Photosmart 7838

    The HP Photosmart 7838 is the perfect choice for beginners. It provides
    true photo output including 4×6 borderless photos. There is ultimate
    simplicity via limited direct connect printing interface, as well as
    full flexibility in printing photos from the PC. This printer makes
    home photo printing simple and economical. The HP Photosmart 7838 is
    priced at Rs.5,499.

    HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and
    institutions globally. The company’s offerings span IT infrastructure,
    global services, business and home computing, and imaging and printing.
    For the four fiscal quarters ended April 30, 2005, HP revenue totalled
    $83.3 billion