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 user 2005-09-22 at 10:14:00 am Views: 75
  • #12888

    Sexy Posters to Protect Mexico’s Endangered Turtles
    MEXICO CITY (SEP 05) -
    Sex sells everything from diet products to car tires, but Mexican
    authorities have found a new use for posters of scantily dressed young
    women: protecting endangered sea turtles.

    An advertisement campaign featuring an Argentine model casting a sexy
    gaze is to be launched in September in the southern state of Guerrero
    to dispel myths that sea turtle eggs are an aphrodisiac,
    environmentalists said on Thursday.

    “My man doesn’t need turtle eggs. Because he knows they don’t make him
    more potent,” reads the poster, aimed at stopping poachers from
    stealing eggs.

    Every year, tens of thousands of turtles come ashore to lay their eggs
    on Mexico’s Pacific and Caribbean beaches. Many fall prey to poachers
    who kill the females, extract the eggs from their wombs and sell them
    as a supposed aphrodisiac.

    But the posters have outraged a government body defending women’s
    rights, which says using images of women to raise consciousness is
    degrading, even if it is for a good cause.

    Earlier this month, poachers bludgeoned and chopped to death some 80
    protected Olive Ridley sea turtles for their eggs and left their shells
    scattered on a Pacific beach in Mexico.