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 user 2005-09-22 at 10:18:00 am Views: 57
  • #12890

    Lexmark Launches Inkjet Printer With CD Photo Burner
    Lexington, KY – Lexmark
    announced on Monday the launch of their P450 inkjet printer. It’s
    significant because it includes a built-in CD photo burner. This allows
    users to easily load their photos, store them and burn them to a disk.

    “The Lexmark P450 brings more photo processing functions to the home.
    People can now save and organize their digital photos on CD, print from
    a cell phone, view their photos on a television and much more. The
    Lexmark P450 is quite intuitive, easy to use and affordably priced,”
    said Najib Bahous, Lexmark vice president and president of its Consumer
    Printer Division.

    Some photo editing can be done directly on the printer, including
    cropping, rotation, color fix and red-eye removal along with the sepia
    and antique gray.

    Users will be able to print photos using Bluetooth technology cell
    phones with an optional adapter. Also, it will take most memory sticks
    including Compact Flash 1&2, multimedia, secure digital, memory
    stick ms & pro, smartmedia, xD picture card. With optional adapter,
    also compatible with: memory stick duo and duo pro as well as mini SD.
    One can load photos via a USB port directly from your USB flash drive.

    Consumers will be able to view images through either the 2.4 inch LCD
    screen on the printer or, with the aid of a video cable, on their
    standard television. This printer will be available through major
    outlets and will run $199. This new printer is affordable and should be
    a good product for people to take with them on vacations or other
    places when you might need or want photos quickly and don’t want to lug
    around a PC.

    This new printer looks to be pretty keen but more importantly, this
    will be a great item for Lexmark to try and reclaim some of their
    market share. Recent onslaughts by HP in the printer market as well as
    lawsuits over ink cartridges have created problems for the Lexington,
    KY based company.