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 user 2005-09-22 at 10:29:00 am Views: 64
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    Cartridge(R) Files Patent Application for Refilling Ink Cartridges; New
    Non-Invasive Method Improves Recycled Cartridge Performance

      SARATOGA, Calif., Sept.05– Replacement printer cartridge
    provider Caboodle Cartridge(R) announced today that it has filed a patent
    application for a new method of cleaning certain kinds of inkjet cartridges
    during the refilling process in order to improve the performance of the
    recycled units.  The system will enable owners of Lexmark printers and other
    printers that use private-labeled Lexmark cartridges to achieve consistently
    high-quality printing results with remanufactured cartridges for the first
    time, allowing them to cut their ink costs in half without adversely affecting
    document appearance.
        Already used on cartridges sold through Caboodle Cartridge stores, the new
    patent-pending procedure is designed to address construction anomalies in
    Lexmark cartridges that have prevented aftermarket suppliers from delivering
    high-quality Lexmark refills.  With Lexmark producing roughly 20% of the
    cartridges on the market, including those for Lexmark, Dell, Sharp and Xerox
    printers, the problem has left millions of printer owners without a viable
    alternative to purchasing expensive original-equipment cartridges.
        The refilling challenge stems from a Lexmark-exclusive design that until
    now has required the removal of a mesh filter inside the depleted cartridge in
    order to access ink residue for cleaning.  Because Lexmark’s filter is welded
    into the cartridge and destroyed when it is removed, it must be replaced with
    a third-party component that does not control ink flow as well as the
        Caboodle Cartridge’s new technique allows the original filter to remain
    intact by cleaning the ink chamber through a tiny incision.  The refilled
    product then performs at a level equivalent to that of a new cartridge from
    the original printer manufacturer.  Lexmark-branded and private-labeled
    replacement cartridges sold by Caboodle Cartridge are the first and only
    products of their kind to use the procedure.
        “A replacement printer cartridge is an acceptable option for the customer
    only if there is no perceptible difference between the performance of the
    original-equipment cartridge and the refilled one,” said Daniel Wencel,
    founder and CEO of Caboodle Cartridge.  “With this procedure, we are making
    that possible for recycled Lexmark cartridges and those from any other vendor
    that may adopt a design that requires disassembly of the cartridge for
    refilling.  Given Lexmark’s market share, this promises to significantly
    expand the market for remanufactured cartridges.”
        The patent application was filed on September 12, 2005.

        About Caboodle Cartridge:
        Caboodle Cartridge is creating a new distribution channel for ink jet and
    laser printer cartridges via franchised stores that carry cartridges from the
    company’s own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.  Caboodle guarantees
    the same consistent high quality that consumers expect from the original
    cartridge manufacturers, at savings of more than 50%.  Headquartered in Santa
    Clara, CA, Caboodle Cartridge is privately owned.