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 user 2005-09-23 at 12:55:00 pm Views: 80
  • #12917

    Man charged in ink cartridge scam

    A Buffalo Grove resident
    wascharged with mail fraud, computer fraud, theft and wire fraud, all
    felony counts, for a scheme in which stolen ink cartridges for computer
    printers were sold on the Internet via eBay.

    Peter S. Fu, 30, of 162 S. Buffalo Grove Road, Unit 1C, was arrested
    Aug. 29 as a result of a three-month investigation by United States
    Postal Inspectors, investigators from Target Corp. and the Buffalo
    Grove Police Department.

    Fu, police said, bought ink cartridges from numerous department stores
    in the Chicago suburbs and in Indiana and Iowa. Investigators accuse
    him of removing the cartridges from their packaging and putting
    folded-up cardboard and envelopes in the package to replace them.
    Police officials said he then would reseal the packages and return them
    to Target for a refund.

    Fu sold the ink cartridges he had kept on eBay. Authorities said he
    bought $3,400 worth of Hewlett-Packard ink cartridges between May and

    Store employees noticed the switch when legitimate customers began
    returning packages of ink cartridges that contained only cardboard,
    police officials said. Investigators then searched the eBay
    transactions and found an individual selling cartridges online at a 20
    percent discount. The seller was identified as Fu, police said.

    Fu, who has no criminal history, was released on a $50,000 recognizance bond and is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 6.