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 user 2005-09-27 at 12:03:00 pm Views: 60
  • #12947

    Canon to Spend $4.5 billion on New Display Technologies

    2005 – Camera and video giant Canon is spending ¥500 billion (around
    $4.5 billion) on developing new technologies for organic LED screens
    and rear-projection TVs.

    According to a Bloomberg article and press reports on Inquirer.net, the
    Japanese giant announced on Wednesday that they will be spending the
    money over the next few years to develop products that use the new
    Organic LED (OLED) display technology. Products that use this new
    technology are already available, but the cost of the panels and the
    difficulty in manufacturing larger panels has limited the types of
    products they can be used in: only a handful of digital cameras use the
    screens (such as the Kodak LS633), which are brighter and have a wider
    viewing angle than traditional screens. Canon will be spending the
    money (which is a huge increase from the ¥300 billion they had
    previously budgeted) to improve the technology and develop new products.
    Canon themselves did not confirm the amount, but a spokesman did
    confirm to a Bloomberg reporter that the company is spending more on
    Research & Development for displays and is planning to start
    offering products that use OLED screens starting in 2007. The spokesman
    did not give details, but digital cameras would seem to be an obvious
    place for these new displays to be used: OLED displays are brighter,
    use less electricity, and look better in daylight than traditional LED
    displays, all of which are big advantages for digital cameras.
    Canon Chairman Fujio Mitarai also confirmed at the recent Canon expo in
    New York that the company is planning to aggressively enter the display
    market with a range of TVs that use both OLED and the new
    Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display (SED) technologies that the
    company developed with Toshiba.