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 user 2005-10-07 at 11:37:00 am Views: 77
  • #13244

    Color Laser MFP Hardware and Supplies Shipments Skyrocket


    Although desktop color
    laser MFPs did not hit the market until late in 2004, they are already
    proving to be the hard copy hardware market’s hottest product segment.
    Lyra forecasts very strong growth in the worldwide installed base of
    these units. The installed base of color laser MFPs is expected to grow
    at a massive 297 percent CAGR, climbing from 4,300 units in 2004 to 4.2
    million units in 2009.
    As the installed base of color laser MFPs skyrockets, hard copy
    supplies vendors will see an upsurge in demand for color toner
    cartridges. The color toner supplies market is drawing the attention of
    a growing number of aftermarket supplies vendors that realize the
    market’s potential for growth. Challenges for third-party vendors in
    targeting this market include the limited availability and higher
    prices of chemical toner, a limited supply of empty cartridges to
    refill, and the difficulty in matching the color of replacement toner
    with OEM toner. Time will tell whether the aftermarket can meet these
    challenges, although Lyra expects to see healthy growth in the
    third-party share of the market for color toner.