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 user 2005-12-06 at 11:07:00 am Views: 91
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    Canon looks after bottom line with reinforced copiers
    December 2005
    manufacturers are anticipating a 25% rise in call outs over the festive
    period because of workers abusing the machines.
    Manufacturer Canon
    said a third of its technicians called out over the Christmas period
    have to deal with the consequences of staff sitting on photocopiers to
    make pictures of their bottoms.
    In response, the company has increased the thickness of the glass on the machines from 3mm to 4mm to take the strain.
    Smith, marketing director at Canon UK, said: “People obviously let
    their hair down at Christmas time and the photocopier tends to get a
    bit of extra-curricular activity.”
    “I had to repair a machine with a
    photocopy of a man’s groin jammed in it,” said Canon technician Steven
    Mannion. “The manager suggested an office identity parade to see who
    Canon could charge for the call-out.”

    Copiers face Christmas cheek

    festive tradition of what repairmen call “rear-end copying” – office
    staff jumping on photocopiers to record their nether regions for, ahem,
    posterity – raises callouts over Christmas by a quarter, says Canon,
    the copier maker. To help to cope with the extra load it has increased
    the thickness of the glass on its machines by a millimetre. A survey of
    600 technicians showed that a third of Christmas work was on broken
    glass or paper jams of embarrassing images.