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    Fuji Photo Film said it would buy Avecia, the British ink-dyes supplier, for £150m in February, to bolster its copier and printer division.
    Avecia, a private, Lancashire-based company, has a share of some 40 per cent in the ink-dye market.

    Fuji Photo snaps up ink maker
    Japanese camera giant Fuji Photo Film is to snap up Manchester-based ink dyes supplier Avecia Inkjet for $260m (£150m). The deal is part of the world’s second largest camera maker’s efforts to counter shrinking demand for its film products caused by people using digital cameras and printing photos at home.
    Fuji Photo is buying the business from Avecia Group which is owned by Cinven and Investcorp and will be left focused on biotechnology. The private equity firms funded a management buyout from Zeneca for £1.3billion in 1999 around the time of the merger with Astra to form the drugs giant.
    Fuji film canister
    Fuji’s acquisition is aimed at tapping into surging demand for home use ink-jet printers
    Avecia Inkjet employs 340 staff in Manchester, Scotland and in the US, making inks and ink dyes for printer manufacturers such as Canon and Hewlett-Packard.
    Fuji Photo said the acquisition was aimed at tapping into surging demand for home use ink-jet printers. It wants to boost Avecia Inkjet’s sales to Y30billion (£150m) by March 2010 from Y14billion.
    In 2002 Hewlett-Packard’s printer ink was found to be more expensive per millilitre than Dom Perignon champagne. But the recent entry of low-cost producer Dell to the printer market has put pressure on consumer prices.
    According to market analysts Dealogic, the value of cross-border deals in which Japanese companies bought foreign firms has more than doubled to $233billion this year. The move has been fuelled in part by the surging Nikkei-225 index, which climbed 166.30 to 16107.67 yesterday – its highest close for more than five years.

    Bringing Inkjet Solutions to Life
    When Avecia Ink Jet Printing Materials was founded in 1985, inkjet printing was an industry in its infancy. Today it is one of the world’s fastest growing technology sectors – and Avecia remains at the forefront of innovation for ink and colorant development.
    Avecia Ink Jet Printing Materials holds a market leading position in the development and supply of desktop / home office colorants and inks.Inkjet technology is rapidly advancing beyond the home/office environment into a wide range of industrial markets, including commercial print, packaging, electronics and graphic arts. These applications have a highly diverse range of ink, substrate and image quality requirements which demand that ink developers have a wide range of technologies that can rapidly deliver solutions.

    Avecia Ink Jet Printing Materials offers a unique combination of critical mass and capabilities.
    Research and Process Technology – Centres of Excellence
    Avecia Ink Jet Printing Materials offers a comprehensive range of colorants which have been chemically engineered to meet technological requirements previously unattainable in the ink jet industry.
    At its Research Centre in Manchester, UK, Ink Jet Printing Materials brings together core competence in the fields of organic chemistry, resin / polymer chemistry and formulation science to provide novel solution developments.
    Process development is undertaken at our sites in both the UK and USA. Speed of response, delivery and close customer collaboration are key aspects of this function and synergy with other Avecia businesses is exploited.
    The US site of Avecia Inc Ink Jet Printing Materials is based in the Wilmington Delaware area. The Process Technology Facility at the site is capable of carrying out development and scale up of ink base purification and inks manufacture to customer requirements. Flexibility, responsiveness and a commitment to quality are a proven track record of supplying customers over several years since the Facility opened in 1994.
    Combine these with our scale-up, manufacturing and processing facilities in Scotland, France and the United States … and that’s what makes us the world’s leading supplier.
    Product Offering
    We currently have aqueous based YMCK colorants which are utilised within the Desktop markets. The same products have found successful application in other areas such as the graphic arts and proofing sectors.
    Our first generation products were introduced to meet the needs of the evolving market. These same colorants are still in widespread use and our customers have developed innovative delivery methodologies to ensure the end users get what is wanted; and we have ensured the products meet the increasing demands of our customers.
    To meet the needs of the markets as they evolved during the early 1990s, we introduced our second generation range of higher performance sales products based on novel chromophore developments by Avecia.
    Our key product offering is a solution approach to develop customised products for specific applications. Through working closely with customers’ technical teams, we can bring a range of chemistry options to the application development team. Customers can focus on developing the application while we provide the chemistry.
    We understand the complex projects required to successfully combine inkjet head technology, machine engineering, media and ink technology to rapidly develop new inkjet printing products.

    Locations for Ink Jet Printing Materials
    Avecia Limited
    P.O. Box 42
    M9 8ZS
    Avecia KK
    4th Floor
    Osaka Green Building
    Osaka 541-0041
    Avecia Inc
    1403 Foulk Road
    Suite 200 – 2nd Floor
    Wilmington DE 19803
    Steve Johnson
    tel: + 44 (0)161 721 2614
    fax: + 44 (0)161 721 5810    
    Shuji Yokote
    tel: + 81 66202 5651
    fax: + 81 66229 0335 
    Nora Dever
    tel: + 1 800 552 1609
    fax: + 1 302 477 8025
    Kyle van Riper
    tel: + 1 302 477 8026
    fax: + 1 302 477 8025