Happy New Year to All

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Happy New Year to All

 user 2005-12-30 at 5:54:00 pm Views: 58
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    Trading Connection, Inc. Would like to wish everyone a Happy and a Safe New year, as we leave behind the Holiday Season and the year of 2005 we realize that time really does fly and we have made it through another year. We couldn’t have done it without helping one another..

    Upon returning to work and starting the New Year please do not forget to contact us for all your EMPTY core needs, we do have the Quality & Quantity that you have come to expect from one the most premiere brokers in the EMPTIES Industry. Let TCI be your partner in SUCCESS

    Tony Zulmai/Ceo

    Trading Connection, Inc.

    (877)527-3771 Int’l

    (818)773-5551 Phone

    (818)773-9077 Fax