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    Ink Jet and Toner Supplies: The Last Great Hope for Profitability?
    The Lyra Imaging Symposium significantly expands coverage of this lucrative sector
    MA (January 2006)-As more digital imaging companies are making
    headlines with aggressive turnaround plans than with innovative product
    announcements, strengthening profit centers such as ink jet and toner
    supplies has taken center stage. The 2006 Lyra Imaging Symposium’s
    comprehensive “Spotlight on Supplies” segment will include a diverse
    array of speakers and panel discussions that will investigate a variety
    of business opportunities for participants in the hard copy supplies
    Charles Brewer, managing editor of Lyra’s Hard Copy
    Supplies Journal, says, “Even in the midst of negative consumer
    reaction over pricing, ink jet and toner supplies sales have played a
    major role in stemming the bleeding at larger, struggling imaging
    companies. The rapid growth of ink jet and toner remanufacturers, along
    with the recent explosion in retail refiller shops, each with different
    cost/value propositions, validates the robust, competitive nature of
    this business. The Symposium’s exciting supplies segment will examine
    these sectors as well as changes in the cut-sheet paper market, the
    benefits of environmentally minded product development, and how
    print-management technology is turning supplies consumers into informed
    The 2006 Lyra Imaging Symposium’s “Spotlight on
    Supplies” program will include the presentations and panel discussions
    listed below.
    In “The North American Cut-Sheet Market: Big Changes
    and New Opportunities,” Rodger Reis, a research analyst for Lyra
    Research, will examine shifting paradigms in the paper markets and
    answer questions such as the following:

        * What strategies are name-brand paper producers deploying to stave off the private-label juggernaut?
        * Is “whiteness” the new “brightness”? Does anyone care?
        * Will “ColorLok” unlock the elusive riches of the office ink jet market?
    segments of the laser printer market are growing, but others are not.
    In “The Laser Toner Spectrum,” Lloyd “Grey” Held, director of Lyra’s
    Hard Copy Supplies Advisory Service, will explore how changes in the
    laser hardware market will translate in the toner market. This session
    will examine the challenges and opportunities ahead for the OEMs and
    the aftermarket.
    In “Hard Copy Observer Perspective: Battle for the
    Office-Ink Jet versus Laser,” Ann Priede, managing editor of The Hard
    Copy Observer for Lyra Research, will discuss the office color market,
    focusing on the prospects for two competing technologies-ink jet and
    color laser.
    Lewis Fix, Domtar’s director of business development
    for corporate markets and the EarthChoice brand, will deliver a
    presentation called “Growing Green Profits” that shows how one company
    responded to the growing customer demand for earth-friendly products
    while improving its bottom line. This presentation will include
    relatable models showing how imaging industry companies can reconcile
    the need for increased e-waste awareness in product development with
    strategies for profitability.
    “Toxic Tech: Strategies for E-waste,”
    presented by Karl Palmer, chief of regulatory and program development
    for the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Department of
    Toxic Substances Control, is a valuable presentation by a pioneer in
    U.S. policy. This session will focus on contributing to the future of
    e-waste public policy and planning.
    “Hard Copy Supplies Journal
    Panel Discussion: ‘The Supplies Aisle,’ ” moderated by Charles Brewer,
    managing editor of The Hard Copy Supplies Journal for Lyra Research,
    will feature panelists from OEM, aftermarket, and refiller companies,

        * Joy James, Principal, Joy James Group
        * David Mac Isaac, President and CEO, Clarity Imaging Technologies
        * Brad Roderick, Executive Vice President, LaserCycle/InkCycle
        * Stephan Schmitt, Marketing Manager/Vice President, Ink Jet Supplies Business, Hewlett-Packard Company
        * Burt Yarkin, CEO, Cartridge World North America
    Discussion topics include the following:
      * What is the current landscape for the supplies and aftermarket business
        * What are office buyers looking for?
        * How does print quality, reliability, and pricing affect purchasing behavior?
        * How is the growth of aftermarket players changing sales channels?
    a keynote entitled “Off the Shelf: The Supplies Retailer Perspective,”
    Linda Boykin, divisional merchandising manager for Office Depot, will
    discuss how a leading office superstore is expanding the potential in
    digital imaging supplies sales.
    The retail refill shop represents
    both a new supplies-distribution model and a new customer-service
    experience. In “Running on Empties: Retailing the Refill Experience,”
    Burt Yarkin, CEO of Cartridge World North America, will examine the
    elements of the retail refill experience from a customer and a
    technology perspective and discuss how retail refillers will change the
    industry long-term.
    In “Identifying Growth through Print Management:
    I Know Your Customers’ Printing Needs-Do You?” Norman McConkey,
    president of PrintFleet, will discuss how vendors are offering new
    technologies to equip IT managers with real-time tracking of supplies
    consumption. This session will explore the effect of these technologies
    on the supplies industry and the opportunities for adding value to the
    supplies vendor/customer relationship.
    In “Building a Better
    Forecast Model: Inside Lyra’s Forecast 360,” Lloyd “Grey” Held,
    director of Lyra’s Hard Copy Supplies Advisory Service, will provide a
    look inside Lyra’s innovative Forecast 360 for hard copy supplies.
    “Wall Street Watch-The Supplies Industry Panel,” moderated by Charles
    Brewer, managing editor of Lyra’s Hard Copy Supplies Journal, leading
    financial analysts will discuss the performance of hard copy supplies
    companies. Panelists include:

        * Harry Blount, Senior Vice President Enterprise Hardware, Lehman Brothers
        * Shannon Cross, Principal, Cross Research
        * Bill Fearnley, Jr., Senior Research Analyst, PC and Enterprise Hardware, FTN Midwest Securities Corporation
        * Richard Gardner, Managing Director, U.S. Equity Research, PC and Enterprise Hardware, Citigroup
        * Kohei Higashi, Investment Analyst, The Capital Group Companies
        * Joy James, Principal, Joy James Group
        * Ben Reitzes, Managing Director, UBS
        * Robert Semple, Vice President, Equity Research, Credit Suisse First Boston
        * Cindy Shaw, Vice President, Research, Computer Hardware and Services, Moors & Cabot
        * Jay Vleeschhouwer, Imaging Research/Technical and Design Software Research, Merrill Lynch