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 user 2006-01-30 at 9:55:00 am Views: 89
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    Free printer and cartridge database launched

    jan 2006

    James Sodor, Executive in
    charge of Information Services for http://www.whatcartridge.com said at the
    launch, “These days there are so many new equipment releases from the
    imaging industry heavyweights that it is hard to keep up with supplies
    information. Also, manufacturers are dropping consumable support for
    legacy products so it is important to know other brands of consumables
    which may be suitable for older machines. We cut through the confusion
    and let both consumers and industry professionals research
    compatibility quickly and easily. All information on the site is
    totally free to view with no restrictions.”.
    The site has a database of over 10,000 printers, copiers, all-in-ones
    and faxes categorized by brand and type, as well as over 11,000
    different types of consumables suitable for those machines. Built in to
    the site is advanced search technology to find equipment quickly and
    easily. The supply listings are extensive – listing the type of supply,
    colours available, manufacturers and the expected yield. Every
    consumable has a full list of equipment which it is suitable for. There
    is also an article section full of relevant articles which is updated
    Henk Siegersma, a http://www.whatcartridge.com Site Assistant present at the
    launch said, “Some of these printers and supplies go back 20 years,
    however every week we are adding new printers and supplies from all
    manufacturers including HP, Epson, Canon and Lexmark as well as less
    mainstream manufacturers such as Olivetti and Printronix. It is our job
    to be the most up to date source for supplies information so that we
    become the first stop for home, corporate and imaging industry
    professionals when they are researching printer consumables”.
    You can view the new site by going to