News From Cardinal Imaging

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News From Cardinal Imaging

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    BLOOMINGDALE, < ?:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Illinois — Every once in a while a really great idea hits the Internet. Cardinal Imaging & Supplies – a leading supplier of component coatings and cleaners for the office products recycling industry – has one of them.


    Early last year, a 21-year-old entrepreneur from England named Alex Tew came up with an idea to help him pay his way through college by selling 1 million pixels of Internet ad space for $1 each. Not long after, dozens of similar sites began popping up across the Internet.


    Cardinal is pleased to announce its own similar venture available exclusively to the office products recycling industry – – but unlike others where advertisers are asked to pay as much as $1 per pixel, Cardinal’s newest online venture sells them at only $0.05 cents per pixel.


    It’s been proven that such sites have a tendency to draw major traffic, simply because they are fun and interactive; people stay on these sites for hours, visiting the various Web sites that advertise. As you can imagine, this creates lots of traffic for the advertiser.

    The best part is that Cardinal will do all of the work for you, with more than 400 images for potential advertisers to choose from, and images will be automatically resized to fit the area of pixel blocks that one chooses for an ad.


    For more information on, please contact Cardinal Imaging & Supplies at 1-800-225-8672.