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 user 2006-02-23 at 10:13:00 am Views: 112
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    Thousands of people across the country tonight are learning that their debit cards have been canceled by their banks…and that they’ll have to get new ones!
    The reason: Another security breach.
    The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Office Max — the store with the Rubberband Man ads — is the subject of the latest security breach.
    It says foreign hackers may have stolen the credit and debit card card numbers of 200 thousand customers.
    OfficeMax wont confirm or deny the breach.
    But the newspapers investigation says banks of the affected customers have been notified, and are canceling and reissuing debit and credit cards.
    As with other recent security breaches, all you can do if youre a customer is watch your bank statements and credit card bills carefully.

    Office Max Breach Affects Thousands

    SACRAMENTO Maybe this has happened to you. Major banks have been canceling debit cards and issuing new ones, saying there was some sort of security breach. Tonight we’re learning, that breach may involve customers of ‘Office Max’.
    The security breach may mean thieves have the debit card numbers and secret codes of as many as 200,000 Office Max customers. The San Francisco Chronicle reports, someone hacked into the office supply store’s network this past fall in Sacramento.
    Bogus charges have shown up throughout Europe and Asia. The Sacramento office of the FBI is tight lipped, but has confirmed they are investigating.
    “I have no recourse, there’s nothing I can do,” says Adam Aronson, whose debit card was canceled last week.
    Aronson wants to know if he’s a victim.
    “They told me there’s been a breach of security at a merchant you used your card at, so we canceled the card and are issuing a new one,” says Aronson.
    Aronson is an ‘Office Max’ customer, but his bank won’t tell him if Office Max is the merchant. Fortunately his card was canceled, before anyone took money from his account.
    The office supply chain released this statement to CBS 13.
    “We have no knowledge of a breach of our security system here at Office Max and are very concerned about customer perception. We want them to know they should feel confident in their ability to use their debit card at Office Max safely and securely, we take our customers concerns seriously.”
    In the wake of the investigation, the State Department of Consumer Affairs recommends you choose wisely when you use a debit card, versus a credit card.
    “A debit card should really be used to accessing ATM’s, that way you protect yourself. You have greater protections with credit cards under federal law,” says Charlene Zettel with the California Department of Consumer Affairs