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    OKI Printing Solutions Launches Brazilian Sales Offices to Capitalize on Growing Market Demand
    BRASILIA, Brazil–March, 2006–In response to growing market demand, OKI Printing Solutions (the brand name for Oki Data Corporation) will this month launch two local sales offices in Brazil – in Brasilia (the country’s capital) and Recife.
    Brazil’s business printing market* is the 2nd largest performing market in Latin America and the 14th largest globally. Valued at more than $300m USD a year, business printer manufacturers ship more than 310,000 units to the country annually.
    OKI Printing Solutions currently holds a 15%** marketshare in the Brazilian color page printer market. Brazil’s color page printer market is expected to continue strong growth of approximately 78% from 2005 to 2006#. The company also holds approximately 25%** marketshare in the dot matrix market where growth remains strong.
    The sales offices in Brasilia and Recife will focus on the finance and banking, public sector and Small and Medium Business (SMB) markets.

    OKI printing solutions expands mexican operations
    GeneralOKI printing solutions expands mexican operations

    OKI Printing Solutions has expanded its operations in Mexico opening a Print Center in Mexico City, where customers can get advice on the right printing solutions for their business. Mono page printers currently account for 90% of the printer market in Mexico, of which OKI Printing Solutions has gained 16% marketshare. Since the launch of its first color page printer in 2001, the company has also established a foothold in the color page printer market owing to a number of strong contracts with government agencies and major players in the financial industry. Oki Data printing solutions Mexico will provide business printing advice across various industries.
    OKI printing solutions expands mexican operations OKI Mexican Print Center
    Mikihiko Maeno, President and CEO for Oki Data Corporation, says: “We’re very excited about the business opportunities Mexico can offer our company as we continue to strengthen our global expansion efforts. Additionally we’re confident of the benefits the Print Center will bring to our Mexican customers, as a stimulating environment for end-users and printing professionals to share and experiment with ideas and solutions.”
    OKI Eco recycling Program
    Oki Data is proud to expand our recycling efforts with the introduction of the OKI Eco Program to recover toner cartridges and image drums. This is a free service to our customers which allows you to ship select supplies via prepaid/pre-addressed label to our central reclamation center. It’s quick, easy and – more importantly – one more step in protecting our environment.
    About OKI Printing Solutions
    In the last year OKI Printing Solutions has undertaken such major global expansion efforts as opening a new manufacturing facility in Scotland, its first software development company in China and Korea’s first sales office. Oki Data de Mexico, S.A. de C.V is a subsidiary of Oki Data Americas, which markets its products under the OKI Printing Solutions brand.