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Now Buying any quantities of…

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    About GREENTEC

    Based in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, the THINKGREEN Fundraising Program is division of GREENTEC, a world leader in the collection and recycling of used print cartridges. Visit for more information.


    The THINKGREEN Fundraising Program is a free community-based initiative of GREENTEC designed to encourage businesses, charitable organizations and/or schools in North America to collect and recycle print cartridges and cell phones through cash incentives.Participating organizations can earn funds for each recyclable cartridge or cell phone they collect, and can put those funds towards their needs.Currently, more than 10,000 participants, made up of schools and businesses from across Canada and the United States, are taking part in the program.

    THINKGREEN has been responsible for the diversion of more than 540,000 cartridges and cell phones from landfills and has provided over $1,000,000 in funding to its participants.  Thirty million cartridges are used annually in Canada, with a high percentage ending up in landfill.

    Cartridges collected through THINKGREEN are qualified and sold to re-manufacturers who refill them and return them to the market, reducing the number of cartridges that end up in landfill sites.

    This year alone, over 500 million cell phones will no longer be used and either end up in landfill or in someone’s desk drawer. Cell phones collected through THINKGREEN are qualified and sold into Latin America or third world countries where they are re-used for people who have never had access to this technology, therefore reducing the amount that end up in landfill.  0% of cartridges and cell phones received through the THINKGREEN program go into landfill.  Those cartridges and cell phones that cannot be remanufactured or refurbished for reuse are broken down into their raw materials and made into new products.

    Participants can visit or call 1-888-265-2895 for free enrollment. They are then provided collection boxes and a THINKGREEN Marketing Kit that includes posters, newsletter inserts and suggested memos to encourage and promote participation.

    Through our partnerships with Tree Canada or American Forests THINKGREEN will sponsor the planting of one tree seedling on behalf of your organization for every 12 recyclable cartridges or cell phones returned. To date we have planted 19,500 trees, removing 3400 tonnes of carbon fromthe atmosphere.

    GREENTEC is an ISO 14001 Registered Company with Certified Environmental Management Systems.

    (Greentec reserves the right to change list of retailers from time to time as required. Names and trademarks are sole property of theirrespective owners)