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 user 2006-05-01 at 9:46:00 am Views: 99
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    Greenpeace celebrates victory as Spain’ s oldest nuclear power plant is shut down

    Environmental groups called on Spanish government to phase out nuclear power

    Madrid, 1st May
    2006 -Greenpeace is celebrating the permanent shutdown of Spain’s
    oldest nuclear
    power station, which was finally closed yesterday following years of
    campaigning by environmental and social groups highlighting serious
    concerns at the plant.

    celebrated the
    final closure of the Cabrera Nuclear Power station at Zorita after 38
    years of
    controversial operation. Greenpeace and social groups have long claimed
    the plant was extremely dangerous and had been campaigning hard for its
    closure, including a high profile occupation of the reactor’s dome by
    in April 2002.

    “It is a great
    victory for
    public health and the environment,” said Juan López de Uralde,
    Director of Greenpeace Spain.  The
    Cabrera plant should have been closed many years ago. The closing of
    the plant
    categorically demonstrates that Zorita’s operation was very dangerous
    of numerous technical problems and the absence of a security culture.”

    Since 1981
    security and
    design weaknesses of the plant have led to successful attempts at
    However the accumulation of security problems have made it evident that
    conditions for total security guarantees—under which it was required to
    operate—were impossible.

    Today Greenpeace
    that the government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero fulfil its promise
    to phase
    out nuclear energy in Spain, beginning with Santa Maria de
    Garoña in Burgos, one of Spain’s first generation
    This power station also has serious problems of cracking caused by
    corrosion of
    the reactor vessel.

    The Jose Cabrera
    plant is
    not the first power station to be shut down in Spain and raises
    security and
    safety concerns for all other nuclear facilities. The
    Vandellos plant was also closed because of security
    problems in
    1990 following a fire at the plant in 1989.


    “Spain has
    the potential to generate all of its current electricity demand
    fifty-six times
    over using renewable energy. It is incredible that the Government is
    considering including nuclear in our power future,” said Carlos Bravo,
    Energy campaigner for Greenpeace. “Nuclear energy is not the solution
    to either
    climate change, increasing energy demand or energy security. It creates
    environmental, health and security problems. What’s more, management of
    radioactive waste is an environmental and social time bomb, a global
    which to this day still has no solution,” concluded Bravo.

    Further contact information for
    reporters to get video, photos or report details

    Carlos Bravo, Greenpeace Spain Nuclear Energy campaigner + 34 66998241

    Sara Vizzinato, Greenpeace Spain Press Officer + 34 679615375

    Jan van de Putte, Greenpeace International: +32 496161584