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    Ricoh Establishes Dedicated Division to Support IKON
    Resource Designed to Increase Sales, Efficiency and Service for Customers

    Ricoh Corporation Announced Wednesday The formation of a new division responsible for increasing and growing the company’s business with IKON Office Solutions. With a dedicated team of more that 40 Ricoh sales support professionals nationally, this new division is designed to assist each IKON marketplace in the United States with the singular focus of supporting IKON’s sales efforts.

    “Ricoh recognizes that IKON requires a support structure that understands their unique national strategies and capabilities, in concert with the local needs within each marketplace,” said Tom Salierno, President of RICOH U.S., a division of Ricoh Corporation. “IKON has been a excellent partner for Ricoh, and we feel this is the most effective way to manage our business with IKON.”

    Jim Coriddi, vice president of Ricoh’s IKON Support Division, will lead the new team. The organization includes district sales managers and digital support representatives located throughout the country. Additionally, Ricoh has dedicated teams to support both IKON major/national accounts and solutions deployment.

    “Ricoh is making a significant commitment to support our growth priorities,” said Matthew J. Espe, Chairman and CEO of IKON Office Solutions. “Ricoh’s investment in IKON will allow us to further leverage the strong capabilities of the Ricoh team and their technology. This dedicated organization is yet another positive step as we work together toward our mutual goal of addressing the needs of our customers for increased efficiency and streamlined document workflow.”

    Ricoh’s new IKON Support Division is part of Ricoh’s Indirect Channel headed by Vice President Alan Nielsen. Coriddi, who reports to Nielsen, will over-see a region-based management team consisting of John Stewart, Region Director West and Marc Theaman, Region Director East. Also reporting to Coriddi are Kurt Bradbury, Business Development and Steve Santucci, Digital Support.

    IKON Recognized for Outstanding Online Customer Experience
    IKON Among the Best in Independent Study of Computer Products and Services Firms Conducted by The Customer Respect Group

    IKON Office Solutions has been recognized as one of the leaders in providing positive online customer experiences, according to the Summer 2003 study on customer respect released by The Customer Respect Group. The findings, which rank IKON performance third among companies studied, demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to world-class online customer service and support. IKON’s two main web properties, http://www.IKON.com and http://www.IKONSupplies.com allow prospects and customers to learn about IKON’s products and services as well as to request a contact or place orders for IKON’s products, services and related supplies.

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