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 user 2003-10-16 at 10:13:00 am Views: 106
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    Gartner Puts World-Wide PC Market Growth At 14% in 3Q
    The world-wide personal-computer market showed signs of an upturn in the third quarter by growing more than 14% and outpacing expectations, according to two research firms.

    The period’s shipments of PCs, laptops and servers running Intel Corp. (NasdaqNM:INTC – News) chips marked the second quarter in a row of double-digit growth, according to analysts at Gartner Group.

    Gartner pegged the quarterly growth at 14% and said the expansion was aided by falling prices, wireless technologies and the improved performance of the machines.

    Analysts at IDC said shipments rose 16% to 38.4 million units. Strong demand for notebooks helped the results beat expectations for about 10% growth, IDC said.

    Business was particularly strong in the U.S. and Europe, where expansion was 16% and about 18% respectively, the researchers at IDC said. Consumer and government demand was solid in the U.S., while business buying was “selective with signs of improvement,” IDC said.

    During the quarter, Dell Computer Corp. maintained its position as the largest computer vendor, though Hewlett-Packard Co. closed the gap. Dell had 15.3% of the market and H-P, 15%, Gartner said. H-P trailed Dell by 400,000 units at the end of the second quarter. That gap narrowed to slightly less than 62,000 units in the third.