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 user 2006-06-29 at 11:40:00 am Views: 54
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    Peach Snap and Print inkjet cartridge system

    Inkjet CartridgesPeach Snap and Print inkjet cartridge system : Medea
    International finalises exclusive distribution partnership with 3T
    Supplies for the new Peach ‘Snap and Print’ inkjet cartridge system,
    the solution to cutting HP, Canon and Lexmark printing costs and
    maintaining quality. The Peach ‘Snap and Print’ system incorporates a
    re-useable print head so you only need to replace the ink tank and not
    the whole cartridge. Test have proven that original print heads can be
    used more than 25 times so why throw it away after one use? Because you
    are only replacing the ink tank and not the whole cartridge you are
    saving more and more money each time. The Peach ‘Snap and Print’ system
    incorporates a brand new manufacturer’s print head.
    Peach Snap and Print inkjet cartridge systemPeach Snap and Print cartridge
    maximum compatibility and only requiring the snap-in ink tank to be
    replaced, not the entire print cartridge. This means, if you buy a
    Peach Snap and Print cartridge for your HP printer your getting a
    genuine HP print head on the cartridge. Independent tests prove it.
    U.G.R.A., the Swiss authority centre for medium and printing technology
    concluded. “The ink of Peach Ltd. and the original ink of Hewlett
    Packard are equivalent in all important points tested. During the whole
    test we could not find any disadvantages of the Peach ink against the
    HP ink.”

    Peach inkjet cartridge system – Print results
    inkjet cartridges achieve the same print results as the equivalent
    products from printer manufacturers. Swiss ink and development work
    combined with the very latest production facilities form the basis of a
    genuine alternative, where everyone is a winner. Peach ‘Snap and Print’
    cartridges are an innovative alternative to original and remanufactured
    HP and Lexmark printer cartridges. These cartridges feature an original
    manufacturers printhead for maximum compatibility and incorporate the
    use of ‘Snap in’ inks tanks reducing the need to replace the entire

    Peach Snap & Print Cartridges – Benefits
    - Reduce the cost of printing with HP, Canon & Lexmark printers.
    - Maintain print quality – print head is brand new, OEM part.
    - Less waste – better for the environment.
    - Us the printhead up 25 times.
    - Refill ink tanks available separately.
    - Swiss quality