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 user 2006-07-20 at 11:22:00 am Views: 82
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    Montour Falls man charged with stealing from Race Office
    - The investigation of a Montour Falls man accused of a felony is
    continuing, according to Andrew Bonavia, Tompkins County assistant
    district attorney.Norman W. Rich, 47, was arrested on May 12 and
    charged with fourth-degree grand larceny, an E Felony, according to
    court records. Rich is alleged to have taken more than $1,100 worth of
    ink cartridges from Race Office Equipment, where he was employed.Rich
    was also charged with petit larceny, a misdemeanor, for allegedly
    taking a refund check that belonged to Race, court records said. The
    check was worth more than $350.Rich is no longer employed at his store,
    said Race Office Equipment owner Tom Pine.Rich became the object of
    suspicion when thousands of dollars worth of merchandise were found to
    be missing from the store, said Ithaca City Police Investigator Michael
    H Gray.Store personnel cooperated in the investigation, Gray added.
    characterized the case as a pending felony complaint. Ithaca police are
    continuing to investigate for possible additional charges against Rich,
    he added, and the case has not been presented to a grand jury for
    indictment.“If we’re going to indict, all the charges will be indicted
    together,” he said.Rich was arraigned in Ithaca City Court on May 31
    and released on his own recognizance, Bonavia said.

    Youngster arrested on shoplifting charges

    24-YEAR-OLD Bahraini was arrested for allegedly stealing 10 ink
    cartridges from Geant Hypermarket, Bahrain Mall.Security guards spotted
    the culprit taking the ink cartridges along with another Bahraini man,
    according to a Public Prosecution spokesman.They had a trolley filled
    with clothes and they headed towards the electronics department where
    they were seen taking the ink cartridges and hiding them in the
    clothes, he added.”Then the two men headed towards the fitting rooms
    and security suspected that they were stealing,” he said.”Security
    headed towards the fitting rooms and saw that the men were hiding the
    ink cartridges in their pockets.”The 24-year-old was detained, but
    managed to distract security guards while the other culprit escaped.”We
    will look at the footage of the surveillance camera along with the
    culprit and see what he has to tell us about his accomplice,” said the