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 user 2003-10-21 at 10:12:00 am Views: 177
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    Lexmark Introduces New Products
     C752 Color Laser Printer cuts operating costs by up to 30 percent; can be upgraded to the X752e for MFP productivity

    Lexmark International, Inc. yesterday unveiled the Lexmark C752, a high-performance color laser printer with innovative color-setting features, designed to be as popular with the CFO as the CIO. Lexmark also announced the X752e multifunction product (MFP), which consolidates high-performance printing, copying, faxing and scanning capabilities into a single, space- saving color laser device.   face=Arial Read More on the C752

    Enhanced Lexmark Document Solutions Suite enables desktop users to improve productivity and reduce document costs

  • Powerful, easy-to-use document processing now extended to the desktop with Lexmark Document Solutions Suite 3.2

    The Lexmark Document Solutions Suite 3.2 is enhanced software that provides easy-to-use, powerful document processing capabilities to a broader range of users and devices, including desktop PCs and multifunction products (MFP). Businesses large and small can use this software to minimize the expense and inefficiencies of manual and paper-based processes.   face=Arial Read More

    Lexmark answers Fortune 1000 thirst for color with X912e MFP

    New Lexmark X912e makes color printing and copying easier and more affordable for businesses seeking robust color MFPs

    In response to the Fortune 1000 thirst for color printing and copying, Lexmark International, Inc. yesterday unveiled the Lexmark X912e multifunction product (MFP).

    The Lexmark X912e MFP helps feed businesses’ growing demand for color and delivers a versatile, affordable and reliable color MFP. The Lexmark X912e is the only color laser MFP in its class to feature a standard, customizable interface. The Lexmark e-Task interface is a simple to use touch screen that can be customized to access document workflow tasks unique to a specific business or industry. The company also announced the Lexmark 5500 MFP Option, which gives businesses an affordable path to add scanning, copying and faxing capabilities to already installed C912 and C910 printers.