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 user 2006-08-04 at 12:45:00 pm Views: 121
  • #16075

    epson develops super-thin pinkie sensor
    Epson has developed a 0.2mm-thin sensor that can read fingerprints by
    picking up the tiny electrical currents coming from your little
    finger.The company is touting the technology as a way to offer an extra
    level of security for items such as credit cards, which would work with
    embedded memory to authenticate the real owner before allowing
    transactions. The technology should be on the market by 2010

    Seiko Epson Developing Tiny Portable Fingerprint Sensors

    Epson is commercializing a tiny 0.2mm fingerprint sensor that will
    allow manufacturers to secure any kind of mobile device. The sensor
    reads fingerprints by detecting the miniscule electric current from
    your finger when you touch the device.Possible applications are
    self-identifying credit cards, cellphones, and MP3 players. When a
    wrong fingerprint is entered, that item is disabled, so your credit
    cards won’t be charged and your phones won’t be used to make strange
    calls. Unless they take out your SIM and stick it in another phone,
    that is. Then you’re screwed