The Exhibition Infomation

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The Exhibition Infomation

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    The 3rd International Exhibition on Printer Technology & Application

    Printer China¡¯ 2003< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


    The 3rd China International Exhibition

    on Printer Technology & Application

    ¨D2003 China Printer & Consume Material Forum


    Dec. 3-5, 2003  

    Shanghai International Exhibition Center


     Competent Authority

    Department of Electronics & I.T.Products Ministry of Information Industry P.R.C



    Print Equipment Sub-Association of China Computer Users Association

    China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Brand Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.



    ¡¶China Computer World¡·


    Beijing CCID Information Technology Testing Co.,Ltd



    Dept. of High Tech. Development & Industrialization Ministry of Science & Technology P.R.C

    Electronic Information Center of Ministry of Information Industry P.R.C

    China Computer Users Association

    China Small & Special Motor and Assembly Association






    The 3rd China International Exhibition on Printer Technology and Application will be held at Shanghai International Exhibition Center on December 3-5, 2003. During the previous two editions, the show organizers the Terminal Printer Sub-Association of China Computer Users Association, China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd and Shanghai Brand Exhibition Service Co. Ltd. successfully presented the new technology and equipment to the users home and abroad as well as opened up a stage for developing this industry and popularizing the printing equipment. Therefore, the exhibition with such topic has been a traditional show with extensive influence in this industry.


    The modern printing technology is no longer a simple conception of mechanical printing, but has been evolved a macro conception that modern digital technology records readable information on the different carrier. Therefore, almost all the digital input and output equipment, such as duplication machine, fax machine, digital camera and so on, can be regarded as printing equipment. With the growth of market demand, there should be more new printing equipment and the user varieties will be much expanded. In view of this, we go on with staging this international printing exhibition so as to let foreign manufacturers find business opportunities in the Chinese market and help their Chinese counterparts see the world¡¯s up-to-date equipment and technology. During this show, we hope not only to meet our old friends again, but also to see more new friends. More manufacturers of printing equipment and consuming materials are welcomed to Shanghai. Let¡¯s jointly make efforts to unfold the development of printing industry and to expand the printing market.




    In 2000, the Chinese government worked out The 10th Five-Year Plan for the economic development and information industry was placed in a major position. In spite of the depression of world¡¯s IT industry, the Chinese market of printing equipment has been booming at a two-digit growth rate, which has brought forth a huge demand of consuming materials. While encouraging the economic growth, the Chinese government also makes great efforts to push forward the informization. The start-up of many important projects in taxation, Customs control, public security and so on will certainly stimulate the demand for the printing equipment. With large population and a vast space for the increasing informization of various industries, China, the biggest land of printing equipment production in the world, will surely become the biggest market of the printing equipment trade.



    With the development of informization, printing equipment and technology have changed a lot and been used by various circles. The rapid development of internet and digital technology helps printing enter many families. The demand is increasingly speeding up.



    Scale of the Previous Two Exhibitions:




    Countries and Regions of Exhibitors

    Exhibition Area

    Technical Seminars


    1st Exhibition






    2nd Exhibition









    Breakdown of Visitors:



                          Foreign Visitors                       700

                          Chinese Visitors                     27300

    In Terms of Walks of Life:       

                          Visitors from Government Agencies      1500

                          Visitors from Enterprises               9000

                          Dealers                             4000

                          Individual Visitors                   13500




    Notices for taking part in exhibition:



    1.      Diversified printers: general, special or micro printers such as stylus printers, laser printers , ink jet printer, thermal printer, thermal transfer printers, thermal sublime printers, anti-forging printers.

    2.      Diversified output (printing) equipment: copy machine, fax machine, engraving machine, carving machine, ink jet drawing machine, stenograph, card machine, ink-jet coder, cashier machine, photo-engraving machine, blocking machine, drawing machine, blue printing machine, etc.

    3.      Diversified spareparts for printers

    4.      Digital Image-Forming System: Digital Camera Input Equipment; Digital Image Output Printing Equipment; Image Processing Software; Image Printing Paper Other Consumable Materials

    5.      Diversified consumers for printers

    6.      Testing software and hard ware for printers

    7.      System software and application software for printers.


    ¢ò. Standard Booth: 9 m2, including following establishment and services (booth could be extended)

    1.      Three white displaying plate, one lintel with Company¡¯s name on (in Chinese and English), one enquiry table, two chairs, one main supply socket (220V, 10A), two lights, fully carpeting, (please refer to ¡°Application feedback for exhibitors¡± for booth other than standard one.

    2.      Every exhibitor could publish brief introduction for their company or their exhibits (less than 100 characters) on the exhibition Catalogue free of charge.


    ¢ó. Procedures for application

    Please fill out ¡°Application feedback for exhibitors¡±, and mail it back to Shanghai Brand Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Then Shanghai Brand Exhibition Service Co will offer subsequence service.





    Please Contact:


    < ?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" />

    Add£ºF/13F, Yandang Building, No.107 Yandang Road, Shanghai

    µØÖ·£ºÉϺ£Ñ㵴·107ºÅÑãµ´´óÏÃ13Â¥F×ù          Zip  Óʱࣺ200020

    Tel µç»°£º86£­21£­63580773  86£­21£­33100246    Fax ´«Õ棺86£­21£­63723280

    E-mail  µç×ÓÐÅÏ䣺 

    ContactÁªÏµÈË£ºÁº»ªÃñ ÏÈÉú(Mr. Liang Huaming)¡¢ ÅËÎÀ ÏÈÉú(Mr. Pan Wei)