Looking to buy Virgin empties

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Looking to buy Virgin empties

 user 2006-10-13 at 12:35:00 am Views: 72
  • #16749

    Pls advise if you have the followings VIRGIN empties avail.

    Brother TN-430      100-500pcs
    Brother TN-460      100-500pcs
    Brother TN-3030     100-500pcs
    Brother TN-3060     100-500pcs
    Brother TN-7300     100-500pcs
    Brother TN-7600     100-500pcs
    Panasonic UG-3313 200-1000pcs
    Panasonic UG-3350 100-500pcs
    Panasonic UG-3309 100pcs
    HP-7115A        &nbs p;   200-600pcs
    HP-4092A        &nbs p;   100-500pcs
    HP-2613A        &nbs p;   100-500pcs
    HP-4129X        &nbs p;   100-500pcs
    Canon EP-22        100-500pcs
    canon FX-3          200-500pcs
    canon FX-8          100-500pcs
    Samsung 1210      100-500pcs
    Samsung 1710      100-500pcs
    Ricoh Type-1135   50-300pcs

    Pls email me @ mike@mambo-trading.com or contact @ 310-781-3088 x.226.  Thanks.