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 user 2006-10-19 at 1:51:00 pm Views: 72
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    Office Depot Launches The Green Book in Six Countries
    Catalogs Are Available in Six Languages and
    Showcase Environmentally Preferable Products and Solutions – Helping Business

    DELRAY BEACH, Fla.–(oct 
    2006), a leading global provider of office products and services, for
    the first time is customizing The Green Book(TM) catalog of environmentally
    preferable products in six country-specific versions. The award winning catalog
    is now available to Office Depot’s contract customers in the United States, United
    Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. “Office Depot
    first launched The Green Book in the United States in 2003 to see if
    simplifying the green purchasing experience would be of value to our
    customers,” said Yalmaz Siddiqui, Environmental Strategy Advisor for
    Office Depot. “The response was extremely favorable, and as a result we
    are now releasing this series of catalogs in markets around the world.” In
    addition to English language-versions in the U.S. and U.K., Office Depot is
    distributing The Green Book in French, German, Dutch, Walloon, and Flemish. The
    Green Book catalog is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with process
    chlorine-free bleaching. In total, this year’s catalogs contain over 6,000
    different products including:

    – Remanufactured ink and toner cartridges;
    – Recycled paper products;
    – Energy Star qualified office equipment, such as computers,
    monitors and printers;

    – Non-toxic cleaners and writing instruments.

    Siddiqui noted that Office Depot has included products that
    deliver quality and price as well as specific environmental benefits — rather
    than focusing only on those items considered to be the most environmentally
    benign. Additionally, a large number of the products in The Green Book have
    received independent, third party certification through organizations such as
    the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Green Seal, Blue Angel or Nordic Swan.
    According to Siddiqui, many green products are also less expensive to buy and
    use compared to standard offerings. For example, Office Depot remanufactured
    ink and toner cartridges cost on average 15% less than new cartridges, and
    Energy Star qualified office equipment uses up to 75% less electricity than
    non-qualified equipment. “Our customers view us as more than a provider of
    office supplies and services — we are their business partner,” added
    Graham Cundick, Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing for Office
    Depot Europe. “And as their partner, we help them to achieve their
    business goals by educating them about making green purchase decisions.”
    To help customers make informed choices regarding their green options, Cundick
    noted that all six catalogs pair products with supporting environmental
    information, guidance on product choices, and clear definitions of
    environmental terms. The Green Book also contains descriptions of specific
    environmental solutions offered in different Office Depot countries, such as
    ink and toner cartridge recycling, environmental reporting, and green office
    assessments. “The catalogs further establish Office Depot’s global
    environmental leadership, and provide tangible evidence of our environmental
    strategy to buy green, be green, and sell green,” Siddiqui said.