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 user 2003-10-25 at 2:17:00 pm Views: 130
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    Lyra Research:Printer and Copier Services: The New Revenue Generators?
    In order to gain wider influence in corporate accounts and generate revenue, printer and copier manufacturers are turning their attention to services.

    These services are not to be confused with traditional service contracts that cover hardware maintenance. The new breed of services are fee-based programs, provided by manufacturers and in some cases implemented by dealers, that assess an office’s output volume for the purpose of recommending changes that may result in lower costs for customers. Services may include any or all of these areas: scanning and imaging, printing, reprographic services, fleet and asset management, and creative design.

    Eager to demonstrate that they can save customers money on office output costs, printer and copier manufacturers and dealers offer to conduct studies for customers and make recommendations about how to optimize office printer and copier use. Lyra asked participants in a recent Office Trends Survey if an outside party, such as a consultant or office-products dealer, offered to conduct an analysis of the company’s output needs and recommend appropriate equipment. More than half of survey respondents answered yes to this question.

    This information is derived from Services and Solutions: New Focus for Hard Copy Hardware Vendors. The report examines services and solutions initiatives, a new area of emphasis for printer and copier manufacturers. This report analyzes HP’s Imaging and Printing Services Group and Xerox’s Global Services program and presents results from Lyra’s 2002 Office Trends Survey of 321 medium-sized and large offices.