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    Greater China’s supplier base annually produces 25% of the world’s supply of printer ink and toner cartridges.
    that figure is forecast to further grow, spurred by surging demand for
    printing equipment and desktop printing applications. Global shipments
    of printer consumables have undergone sustained growth, spurred by the
    surging demand for printing equipment and high performance desktop
    printing applications. However, the industry is not without its
    challenges.For makers of remanufactured cartridges, empties are harder
    and more expensive to obtain because end users continue to resist
    recycling. Hence, makers may have to put in place more sophisticated,
    and often more costly, reclamation schemes.Furthermore, brand owners
    have been aggressively defending their patents in courts by filing
    lawsuits against ink cartridge manufacturers and distributors over
    infringing inks. While this has failed to put a serious dampener on
    growth, makers are compelled to enhance product value by improving the
    performance of their offerings and applying for patents in major export
    regions.The printer cartridge and toner supply from Greater China is a
    mix of compatible and remanufactured units that commonly support
    printer brands such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Epson, Canon, Lexmark and
    Brother. Zhuhai in Guangdong province is the main production center for
    printer cartridges and toners. It hosts two of the largest makers in
    the region, both of which are featured in this report. Factories in
    Zhuhai produce about 70 percent of mainland China’s output.makers of
    printer ink and toner cartridges, continuous ink supply systems and ink
    refills in Greater China, which collectively produce about a quarter of
    the industry’s output. The majority of these makers typically generate
    more than 50 percent of their sales revenue from exports.Based on the
    manufacturing, product development and export statistics provided by 38
    printer cartridge and toner manufacturers, including 31 from mainland
    China, four from Taiwan and three from Hong Kong – Mainland China
    suppliers have monthly production capacities of up to 6.5 million
    units. Many of these makers have excess capacities to cope with new
    orders.- Large-volume makers prefer to focus on compatible toner
    cartridges, while entry-level and mid-sized suppliers concentrate their
    effort on remanufactured toner cartridges.- While most makers ship
    their products predominantly to established markets such as Europe,
    North America and Asia, some are exploring emerging opportunities in
    Africa and Oceania. Makers outsource a considerably large portion of
    the manufacturing processes to cut down on production costs. Only final
    assembly and packaging are mostly done in-house.- Manufacturers are
    keeping price increases to a minimum to avoid losing out to
    large-volume makers that can offer competitive prices.- Production of
    water-resistant inks and IC designs as well as increasing ink and
    powder capacity and print yield are some of the key R&D
    initiatives.- Ink cartridges will continue to dominate this market
    segment well into 2007, but toner cartridges are gaining traction.To
    come up with this report, the research teams toured the factories of 21
    makers and discussed with top-level executives about manufacturing,
    sales and export performances. The report has an in-depth profile of
    each of these makers, as well as detailed profile tables of another 17
    suppliers.All suppliers were asked to participate in a survey designed
    to provide insight into product and price trends, and major issues
    facing the industry in the next 12 months. The Industry Background
    section highlights the main sourcing and manufacturing hubs, as well as
    the covered regions’ export orientation and major challenges. This is
    followed by the Manufacturing Capability section, which outlines the
    key production processes and quality control procedures adopted by

    Aaprotech Enterprise Co. Ltd
    Anycolor Computer Consumables Co. Ltd
    Chialstar Technology Group Ltd
    CN Manufacturing Ltd
    Eagle Flag Supply Ltd
    First Ink Mfg Ltd
    General Plastic Industrial Co. Ltd
    Huisheng Digital Technology Development Co. Ltd
    International United Technology Co. Ltd
    MicroJet Technology Co. Ltd
    Orink Infotech International Co. Ltd
    Shanghai Angel Printer Supplies Co. Ltd
    Shenzhen Ecolor Ind. & Dev. Co. Ltd
    Shenzhen Inteljet Digital Technology Co. Ltd
    Tianxiang Modern Offi ce Appliance Co. Ltd
    TM (Xiamen) Technology Co. Ltd
    Uni-1 Technology Ltd
    Zhuhai Capital Technology Co. Ltd
    Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co. Ltd
    Zhuhai Gree Magneto-Electric Co. Ltd
    Zhuhai Richeng Development Co. Ltd

    Beijing East Millennium Technology Development Co. Ltd
    Chengguang Offi cial Consumptive Material Co. Ltd
    Donggang Fine Chemicals Tech. Co. Ltd
    Kudos One Technology Ltd
    Shenzhen China Bit Technology Co. Ltd
    Shenzhen E-Sky Technology Co. Ltd
    Shenzhen Nuoxin Technology Co. Ltd
    Shenzhen Realcolor Technology Co. Ltd
    Toner Star Scien-Tech (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd
    Union Technology International (MCO) Co. Ltd
    Xianfeng Offi ce Equipment Co. Ltd
    Zhuhai Colorpro Technology Co. Ltd
    Zhuhai Huiwei Image Co. Ltd
    Zhuhai Mingjia Electronics Co. Ltd
    Zhuhai National Resources & Jingjie Imaging Products Co. Ltd
    Zhuhai Polytoner Image Co. Ltd
    Zhuhai Warmth Trading Co. Ltd