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 user 2006-11-28 at 11:25:00 am Views: 80
  • #16957

    UK : Brother opens a new recycling facility in Slovakia
    2006 Brother Industries Ltd,Nagoya,Japan announced that its subsidiary
    in Wrexham, UK has opened a new recycling facility in Krupina,
    Slovakia. The new Slovakian facility will recycle used toner cartridges
    from Brother’s digital multi-function products and printers.

    Outline of the New Recycling Facility
    Name : Brother Industries (Slovakia) s.r.o.
    Representative : Fumihiro Yamada
    Location : Osloboditelov 963 01 Krupina Slovakia
    Capital : 115 million Slovak Koruna(fully owned by Brother Industries(U.K.)Ltd.)
    Business Description : Recycling of used toner cartridges for multi-function products and printers
    No. of Employees: Approximately 70 (at the time of operation commencement)
    Incorporation : July 28, 2006
    Facility Opening : July 2007 (scheduled)
    Property Space : Approximately 42,000 square meters
    Floor Space : Approximately 9,000 square meters

    2004, the Brother Group established a recycling center within the
    premises of Brother Industries (U.K.) as the group’s main recycling
    facility in Europe to recycle used toner cartridges. The group expects
    that the amount of used toner cartridges that they collect will
    increase in the future since its recycling network is currently
    expanding throughout Europe. They also believe that increased sales of
    digital multifunction products and printers will result in growth in
    amount of used toner cartridges.The group had discussed measures to
    handle increased amount of recyclable toner cartridges, and decided to
    build a new recycling facility in Slovakia, which is close to major
    cities in Europe, offers inexpensive operational cost, and good
    transportation infrastructure, and has political and social stabilities.