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 user 2006-11-28 at 11:26:00 am Views: 66
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    Epson Needs a Hero
    Epson has launched the Epson Office Hero Awards in the UK and Ireland to celebrate the thousands of employees across the country who take time out of their daily work duties to help their colleagues with a myriad of “IT problems”.  From fixing the photocopier, to retrieving lost documents on the PC, these “office heroes” often go unrecognised and their contribution to their business is mostly underestimated. The Epson Office Heroes Award is about recognising the countrys unsung office heroes”38% of small businesses harbour an unofficial IT boffin within their workforce. Of these 700,000 “IT gurus’, nearly 40% spend the equivalent of 8 days a year helping their colleagues tackle every day technical problems – tasks which are vital to the smooth running of the company.  These IT saviours, save small businesses almost ₤11 billion per annum on salaries otherwise needed for permanent in-house IT professionals*.The Epson Office Hero Awards are the perfect platform to thank and praise the individuals who are always on hand to answer technical questions – no matter how small, despite it being out of their remit.   Employers can nominate for their unofficial helpers via http://www.epson.co.uk/officehero
    Below is a list of the most frequent problems people encounter on a daily basis which technically savvy employees can often help out with:

    A recent survey in the UK by Epson shows that
    1. Problems retrieving lost documents on the computer – 38%
    2. PC’s crashing – 19%
    3. Enlarging/reducing copies from A4 to A3 on photocopier – 12%
    4. Printing on letter-headed paper/labels – 8%
    5. Conference calling – 6%
    6.  Other – 17%

     Epson is calling on employers in small businesses (with up to 50 employees) to nominate the person who answers everyone’s technical questions, no matter how trivial.  Does the HR officer cut short her lunch to fix a jam in the photocopier?  Does the office junior drop everything to help colleagues set up PowerPoint for an important presentation?  Does the accountant race to the printer when a deadline is looming and a printer needs the ink replacing?  If so, Epson would love to hear about it.Katrina Timmis, Channel Manager, Epson Ireland comments: ‘The Epson Office Heroes Award is about recognising the country’s unsung office heroes – they save the day on a regular basis and give up their time to help out.  These people in small business across Ireland work outside their job specification to help with technical problems affecting efficiency and are vital to the everyday running of small firms.  We want to acknowledge their influence on successful business practices, and help give them the recognition they deserve.’If you know an IT champion in your office that deserves the title of Epson Office Hero 2006, simply log on to http://www.epson.co.uk/officehero for details of how to nominate them.