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 user 2006-12-07 at 1:32:00 pm Views: 55
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    Consumer Printer Sales Strong During Black Friday 2006
    inkjet printer sales in U.S. retail exhibited strong growth during
    Black Friday week 2006 when compared to the same week last year. This
    week is traditionally the highest volume week of the year for consumer
    printer sales as holiday shoppers flock to retail outlets to take
    advantage of deeply discounted products. While overall sales were up,
    drastic declines in the average selling price (ASP) of consumer
    printers, coupled with the first decline in unit sales for compact
    photo (Snapshot) printers in the past three years plagued printer

    Year Over Year Unit Growth
    Photo     Snapshot     Standard     AIO     Total
    2004   +34.2%  +133.0%     -43.6%     +37.5%       +6.8%
    2005    -1.6%     +137.1%       -2.7%     +40.2%      +32.5%
    2006    -35.1%     -10.7%     +88.6%      +29.0%      +24.8%

    Data reflects sales for the entire week encompassing Black Friday each year.

    growth for Black Friday 2006 for consumer printers amounted to 24.8%
    with snapshot photo product unit sales down 10.7%. AIOs and non-photo
    single-function (standard) inkjets were the primary bright spots for
    consumer printer vendors, as sales of these categories grew by 29% and
    88.6% respectively for Black Friday 2006.The increase in AIO and
    standard inkjet printer sales for Black Friday 2006 was not without its
    problems when compared to the same week in 2005. ASPs for AIOs declined
    by 25.7%, which resulted in revenues for AIO devices actually declining
    by 4.1% for Black Friday 2006. Standard inkjet unit increases were
    offset by a decline in ASP of 53.5% and a revenue decline of 12.4%.
    Both categories were also heavily promoted by vendors.“The encouraging
    news of increased printer sales for Black Friday 2006 is offset by
    declining ASP’s and an increase in vendor cost due to heavy promotional
    efforts,” said Lissa Jordon, Research Analyst at Current Analysis.

    Additional findings include the following:
        * Printers promoted in PC bundles comprised 47% of total printer unit sales for Black Friday 2006.
        * The average AIO sold for $93, and the average standard, single-function inkjet sold for $31 during Black Friday 2006.
    * Despite an ASP decline of 28.1%, snapshot photo printer unit sales
    declined by 10.7%, following two consecutive years of substantial