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    Brother Canada Launches its Cartridge Collection Program for Toner Supplies Recycling
    DES ORMEAUX, QC, Jan.07 – Brother InternationalCorporation (Canada) Ltd
    is proud to announce the launch if its tonercartridge collection
    program for recycling. This program will begin with thefollowing
    Brother products: TN-430, TN-460, and TN-350 toner cartridges.Brother
    International Corporation (Canada) Ltd .

    As of today, all
    Brother Canada customers can visit brother.ca todownload a free
    pre-paid mailing label. This mailing label can be affixed to the package
    for cartridge returns. In the near future, pre-paid mailing labelswill
    also be available inside the applicable Brother cartridges’ carton.
    Withtheir pre-paid mailing label affixed, empty toner cartridges can
    then bedropped off at any Canada Post location. Canada Post is Brother
    Canada’sofficial supplier in its cartridge collection program.   “This
    program is part of the Brother Group’s international 5Renvironmental
    concept: Recycle, Reuse, Reform, Refuse and Reduce. This globalconcept
    is the basis of a larger strategy which is implemented at all stagesof
    the product life cycle: product design, material components
    inmanufacturing, energy saving for usage, as well as end-of-life
    recycling,”states Jim Ianniciello, Vice-President Logistics and
    Customer Service atBrother Canada. Monochrome toner cartridges selected
    in this collection program are usedin the majority of Brother’s laser
    printers and laser all-in-one machines. Forthe complete list of
    applicable products or for more details about BrotherCanada’s green
    initiatives, visit http://www.brother.ca/environment.

    International Corporation (Canada) Ltd. is part of an impressive
    worldwide network of companies that markets a range of business
    machines andhome appliances known for their originality, creativity and
    reliability:printers, faxes, multifunction centres and labeling
    machines. Brother alsomarkets a wide range of home and industrial
    sewing & embroidery machines.Globally, Brother is a four and half
    billion-dollar company, employing morethan 20 000 people, 155 of whom
    call Canada home. It has 18 productionfacilities and 39 sales companies
    operating in 32 countries around the globe.Brother’s history dates back
    to 1908, when Kanekichi Yasui opened a smallsewing machine parts and
    repair shop in Nagoya, Japan. Brother Canada wasestablished in 1960 and
    is headquartered in the greater Montreal area.