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    Holiday Fever Drives Traffic to Shopping Sites in December
    Media Metrix Releases December Top 50 Web Rankings and Analysis;
    Increases Seen at Tax, Luxury Goods, Postage and E-Card Sites

    Va., Jan.07 — comScore Media Metrix today released its monthly
    analysis of U.S. consumer activity at top online properties and
    categories for December 2006. The month was dominated by pre-holiday
    shopping as nine of the top 10 gaining categories during the month were
    retail- oriented, led by luxury goods, postage, and e-cards. Overall
    non-travel (retail) e-commerce spending increased 26 percent this
    holiday season versus 2005 to a record-setting $24.6 billion. Amid the
    holiday frenzy, Americans also began to focus on tax planning, as
    evidenced by a 17-percent increase in visitation to the Tax category
    versus November, The Tax category rose to 7.5 million visitors, led by
    IRS.gov with 4.4 million visitors (up 25 percent).”Consumers gave
    e-tailers reason to celebrate during December, with huge increases in
    e-commerce spending and visitation,” said Jack Flanagan, executive vice
    president of comScore Media Metrix. “Experiencing 26 percent growth,
    e-commerce was certainly retail’s bright spot this holiday season.”

    Shopping, Shopping and More Shopping
    Goods/Accessories was the top gaining category in December (see Table
    2), growing 21-percent for the second consecutive month to 21.9 million
    visitors. Redenvolope.com led the category with 2.9 million visitors
    (up 19 percent), followed by Coach.com with 2.9 million visitors (up 25
    percent), and Zales.com with 2 million visitors (up 45 percent). The
    biggest gainer in the category was Fossil.com, which rose 56-percent to
    663,000 visitors.

    Other top gaining retail categories included:
    – Shipping, up 19 percent overall to 34.6 million visitors.  UPS Sites
    led the category with 17.4 million visitors (up 26 percent), followed
    by USPS.com with 15.9 million visitors (up 21 percent), and Fedex.com
    with 11.3 million visitors (up 15 percent).
     – E-cards, up 15
    percent overall to 45.1 million visitors.AmericanGreetings Property led
    the E-card category with 12 millionvisitors, followed by Hallmark.com
    with 8.1 million visitors (up24 percent) and Evite.com with 7.3 million
    visitors (up 4 percent)123Greetings.com was the Web’s second fastest
    gaining site overall,rising 82-percent to 7.1 million visitors .
    Sports/Outdoor, up 15 percent overall to 32.6 million visitors.  Foot
    Locker Sites led the category with 4.7 million visitors (up30 percent),
    followed by eBay Sports U.S. with 4.3 million visitors (up 7 percent),
    and Cabelas Inc. with 3.8 million visitors (up4 percent). 
    CBSSportsStore.com experienced the highest gains within the
    Sports/Outdoor category, increasing 71-percent to 576,000 visitors.

    Retail-Food, up 11 percent overall to 17.2 million visitors
    Omahasteaks.com led the category in visitation and growth rate, with
    2.1 million visitors (up 157 percent), followed by Papajohnsonline.com
    with 1.4 million visitors (up 33 percent), and Cooking.com with 1.2
    million visitors.
    – Retail-Movies, up 11 percent overall with 28.2
    million visitors.Netflix.com led the category with 10.1 million
    visitors (up 2 percent),followed by Blockbuster Inc. with 6.4 million
    visitors (up 21 percent),and Columbia House Sites with 4.1 million
    visitors (up 7 percent).Flixster.com was the top gaining site in the
    Retail-Movies category,jumping 124-percent to 1 million visitors.

    Retail-Music, up 10 percent overall to 29 million visitors.  Barnes
    & Noble led the category with 8.8 million visitors (up 34
    percent),followed by BMG Music Service with 4.4 million visitors (up 1
    percent),and CDUniverse.com with 3.1 million visitors (up 7 percent). 
    TransWorld Entertainment was the top gaining site in the category, up71
    percent to 1.1 million visitors.
    – Computer Hardware, up 9 percent
    overall to 66 million visitors.  Apple Computer, Inc. led the category
    with 39.4 million visitors (up17 percent), followed by Hewlett Packard
    with 14 million visitors (up7 percent), and Dell with 13 million
    visitors.  4Inkjets.com was the top gaining site in the Computer
    Hardware category, surging 247 percent to 1.2 million visitors.

    Apparel, up 8 percent overall to 61.9 million visitors.  Limitedbrands
    led the category with 11.9 million visitors (up 26 percent), followed
    by OldNavy.com with 6.9 million visitors (up 13 percent), and 
    Nordstrom.com with 5.9 million visitors (up 17 percent)  Finishline.com
    was the fastest growing site in the category, rising  33 percent to 2.1
    million visitors.

    Top 50 Properties
    In December, Yahoo! Sites
    retained its number one ranking with more than 131 million unique
    visitors, while Amazon Sites and Viacom Digital each moved up one spot
    to rank seventh and tenth, respectively. The holiday season saw Best
    Buy Sites jump nine spots, attracting more than 24 million unique
    visitors, and both UPS Sites and Toysrus Sites entered the Top 50,
    ranking 36th and 49th, respectively. Also entering the ranking this
    month were Yellowpages.com Network, drawing just over 16 million
    visitors, and JPMorgan Chase Property with just over 15 million

    Top 50 Ad Focus
    December saw Advertising.com retain
    its number one position in the Ad- Focus Ranking, reaching more than
    149 million Americans online. AOL Media Network inched up a spot to
    rank fifth, connecting with 64 percent of the U.S. online population,
    while Blue Lithium moved up three positions to rank seventh. DRIVEpm
    and Facebook.com both enjoyed large increases, each gaining six spots
    in the ranking 15th and 38th, respectively. Finally, WhitePages
    Network, Photobucket.com, and ARTISTdirect Network all re-entered the
    Top 50 Ad Focus in December, ranking 43rd, 45th, and 49th, respectively.