Empty Buyers Beware!!!

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Empty Buyers Beware!!!

 user 2007-02-27 at 7:41:00 pm Views: 114
  • #17727

    I have been burnt recently by Brian Ogaki from Ajax ONT and would like to proceed with a class action type complaint to RECOL (Canadian Internet Fraud agency), possibly the Canadian Embassy, a notification to CRA (Canada’s IRS) and other agencies. It is time to take this creep out of circulation.

    I am sure many of you have been scammed by him. He is not a loser; he is a career criminal and we need to attend to him. It appears that his rip offs are for just small enough amounts to make it not worth an individual to take legal action.

    If you would like to band together to take some action against this guy, please respond. I am not leaning towards legal action, but I believe if we jointly file a complaint with authrorities, they will take notice and hopefully action.



    U hThanks for the heads up.

    I’ve had a similar problem with Brian Ogaki from Computco. I finally got him to send me some a couple of times, but still owes me a lot more cores or a refund for the rest which he SAYS he will send. Anyone else been burned by Brian? Any luck getting anything out of him if you have?