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 user 2007-03-01 at 11:11:00 am Views: 59
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    Online Toner Retailer Says Remanufactured Cartridges Help Save the Environment and Money
    an online imaging supplies retailer, says that remanufactured
    cartridges save the environment and money. Using compatible brand ink
    cartridges, also known as generic cartridges, is one way of saving the

    CA MAR 2007 — OfficeSupplyOutfitters, an online imaging supplies
    retailer, says that the growing amount of online sales of compatible
    brand third party toner and inkjet cartridges proves that our customers
    want to save money, but we would be surprised if they realized how the
    purchase of our supplies also helps the environment, something we all
    want to do. The second biggest office expense for a business is its
    toner and inkjet cartridges purchases. If those used up cartridges are
    renewed, we can redirect thousands of tons of waste from landfills
    annually as well as save businesses money. Purchasing compatible brand
    ink cartridges one way of cutting down on environmental
    pollution.”Compatible brand toner cartridges nd inkjet cartridges can
    save the consumer up to 50 percent less than OEM (original equipment
    manufacturer) supplies and a large percentage of original material used
    in manufacturing is conserved,” says Mike Gardner, the company’s
    president . “During the past ten years, the push to assure standardized
    quality of toner cartridges, has driven manufacturers to improve their
    products, and find new ways to remanufacture a higher percentage of
    every toner cartridge.”A total cartridge lab that tests and evaluates
    remanufactured toner cartridges to assure standardized quality has been
    functioning since July, 2001 at the National Center for Remanufacturing
    and Resource Recovery (NCR3) at Rochester Institute of Technology’s
    Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies (CIMS). Its mission is
    purported to help the remanufacturing industry design and construct
    standardized products to near-new condition with no adverse
    consequences to the environment.Nabil Nasr, at NCR3 says, toner
    cartridges remanufacturing is a prime example of how economic
    prosperity and environmental conservation can work hand-in-hand–when
    it makes economic sense to do things environmentally, the system takes
    care of itself.”The toner cartridge remanufacturing industry continues
    to evolve internationally with thousands of companies employing tens of
    thousands of people yielding over a hundred million dollars in revenue
    in the U.S. alone. “The remanufactured cartridge industry is one of the
    most significant reuse efforts in the country,” says Timonie Hood, an
    environmental protection specialist for EPA Region 9 in California.

    About Office Supply Outfitters
    has been an online retailer of compatible brand toner and inkjet
    cartridges since January 2001 and occupies office and warehouse space
    in Carlsbad, CA. Sales of their compatible toner are via their website
    at http://www.officesupplyoutfitters.com/lasprinsup.html and all other imaging
    supplies from their home page at http://www.officesupplyoutfitters.com.