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 user 2007-04-02 at 10:15:00 am Views: 52
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    Samsung printers certified as eco-friendly
    , 2007The Samsung Electronics mono laser printer, colour laser printer
    and multifunction printer have been certified as eco-friendly by Blue
    Angel, the foremost environmental certification label from Germany.

    models of Samsung printers have earned the Blue Angel certification for
    their exceptional environmental sensitivity and consumer-friendly
    operation: the CLP-300N color-laser printer, ML-3051ND mono-laser
    printer, and SCX-5530FN multifunction printer. These Samsung printers
    attained this sought-after eco-friendly recognition based on their
    “resource-saving and low-emission” product performance.A product can be
    certified by the Blue Angel, of the German Institute for Quality
    Assurance and Certification (RAL-UZ122), only after fulfilling
    stringent test standards related to such factors as energy consumption,
    emission rate, noise level, recycling efforts, and use of
    environmentally friendly components. Samsung Printers and Blue Angel
    Certification”Samsung emphasizes the environmentally friendliness of
    product materials, operating functions, and production processes of
    every printer it develops, manufactures and distributes. Our goal is to
    be the world’s most environmentally friendly maker of printer products.
    Accordingly, we have developed innovative toner units and print
    functions in order to assure that, among other things, material usage
    and energy consumption can be minimized. And related to these efforts,
    we have initiated the STAR (Samsung Take-back and Recycling) program, a
    comprehensive undertaking in which empty toner cartridges are collected
    and recycled,” noted (NAME), (POSITION). “That is why we are so
    delighted with the Blue Angel certification, which represents a major
    step forward for our products, in terms of environmental protection and
    consumer advocacy,” he added.

    Three ‘Angels’ for an Environment-Friendly Office:Samsung CLP-300N, ML-3051ND, and SCX-5530FN
    customers can find the ideal printer for every requirement among the
    certified Samsung printers. The all-new print function, which
    incorporates the NO-NOIS (Non Orbiting Noiseless Optic Imaging System)
    technology, makes the CLP-300N the world’s most compact and lightest
    color-laser printer with eco-friendly operations. Ideally suited for
    the SOHO and personal user, the Samsung CLP-300N fits comfortably on a
    regular office desk to maximize user convenience. This printer also
    features Samsung’s unique and single circular toner cartridge, which
    contributes to the minimization of material usage and energy
    consumption.The Samsung ML-3051ND, with built-in duplex print function,
    is especially designed for a SOHO user as well as a business office
    with a multi-user printing network. The model’s outstanding reliability
    and ease of maintenance and most of all, the product’s resource-saving
    capability is assured through the functions’ efficiency and the
    highest-rated monthly printing output performance in its class.In
    addition, the multifunction printer SCX-5530FN provides flexible and
    high-quality document processing at a print speed of up to 28 pages per
    minute, along with a 6MB (480-page) fax memory. Moreover, the
    toner-save solution is highly cost-effective and environmentally
    friendly since this extraordinary function can save up to as much as
    40% of the total toner consumption.