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    Epson wins initial ruling in ink cartridge suit

    TOKYO, April 07 – Japan’s Seiko Epson Corp. 
    said on Wednesday it won a preliminary ruling in a dispute in the United
    States that would block imports of printer ink cartridges that violate Epson’s

    In February 2006, Seiko Epson, the world’s No. 2 ink jet printer maker after
    Hewlett-Packard, filed the case with the U.S. International Trade Commission
    (ITC) against a group of 24 suppliers that import and sell Epson-compatible

    Seiko Epson has already reached a settlement with 7 suppliers such as Artech
    GmbH of Germany and Ink Lab Co. of Hong Kong.

    Seiko Epson said in a press release that ITC on March 30 tentatively ruled
    in favour of Seiko Epson’s request for a general exclusion order on the

    The order would block all imports of products that infringe on Epson’s
    patents, not only the ones made by the 24 suppliers involved in the dispute.

    ITC plans to make a final ruling by July 30, and the order would also
    require confirmation from the U.S. president, Seiko Epson said.

    A public filing of the ruling was not available on ITC’s Web site.

    Epson wins preliminary ITC ruling
    on printer patents

    TOKYO — Seiko Epson Corp. said Thursday (April 5) that an initial
    determination in its favor has been issued by the U.S. International Trade
    Commission in response to its ink-jet cartridge patent infringement complaint
    filed with the ITC in February 2006.

    Seiko Epson together with U.S. subsidiaries Epson Portland Inc. and Epson
    America Inc. filed the complaint with the ITC claiming that 24
    U.S., Korean, German and Chinese companies
    were infringing its patents. It
    is seeking the suspension of sales and importation of their ink cartridge
    products to the U.S.

    ITC Judge Paul Luckern issued an initial determination on March 30 finding
    that the accused companies infringed Epson’s patents. Luckern recommended
    barring the companies from importing infringing cartridges and the issuance of
    a cease and desist order barring them from selling infringing cartridges
    imported before the exclusion order becomes effective.

    “Once ITC’s judgment becomes officially effective, the suspension of
    sales in and importation to the United States will be applied to all cartridge
    vendors that infringe our patents,” said an Epson spokesman.

    The initial ruling has been submitted for review by the ITC prior to a final
    determination in the case, which is scheduled for July 30. Eighteen of the
    accused 24 companies settled with Epson prior to the ITC ruling. Epson said it
    will continue its patent action against the other six companies.

    Epson has already filed related complaints against competitors in England
    and China, settling some of those cases. It has taken a hard line against
    patent infringement involving its cartridge technologies, which account for
    more than half of its annual sales. Epson has not licensed its ink-jet
    cartridge technology