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 user 2007-04-18 at 2:42:00 pm Views: 69
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    China Seizes 1.8 Million Fake Discs in Piracy Raid
    April 07 – Chinese police seized nearly 2 million fake CDs and DVDs
    when they raided a factory in the country’s largest crackdown on
    entertainment industry pirates, the official Xinhua agency said on
    Tuesday.The high-tech operation could use 30 machines spread over 11
    warehouses to churn out over 300,000 fake discs in one night, Xinhua
    quoted a top anti-piracy official as saying.

    The factory was
    situated in Guangzhou, capital of southeastern Guangdong province, near
    Hong Kong.Li Baozhong, deputy head of the national office tackling
    pornography and illegal publications, said the factory was located
    along the Guangzhou airport expressway for easy transportation.”This
    case revealed new tricks by the pirates. The criminals erase the
    production ID code on the discs in order to destroy evidence showing
    who provided the original discs,” Li added.

    Police arrested 13 people, Xinhua added.
    U.S. undersecretary of commerce for intellectual property, Jon Dudas,
    last week said China appeared to be losing the battle against an army
    of increasingly sophisticated counterfeiters despite an increased drive
    to combat piracy.A coalition of U.S. movie, software, music and book
    industry groups recently estimated its companies had lost $2.2 billion
    in potential business in China in 2006 due to piracy.Many members of
    Congress have called for the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office to file
    a complaint against China for piracy at the World Trade
    Organisation.But China last week urged patience from the developed
    world as it seeks to stop infringements of patents, copyright and other
    intellectual property.