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    Kentucky patents
    The U.S. Patent Office issues patents weekly. These patents were issued Tuesday for inventors in the Lexington area:

    Method and system for correcting color shift caused by printing with an
    imaging system using multiple cartridges. Inventors: Anna Yaping Deer,
    Xuan-Chao Huang, Brant Dennis Nystrom and Richard L. Reel, all of
    Lexington. Patent No. 7,192,113 assigned to Lexmark International.

    Bridging wick and method for an inkjet printhead. Inventors: Curtis R.
    Droege, of Richmond; Ann M. Trebolo, of Nicholasville; Kent L.
    Ubellacker, of Georgetown; Frank E. Anderson, of Sadieville; and Bruce
    Gibson, Sam Norasak and Adam Chalin, all of Lexington. Patent No.
    7,192,129 assigned to Lexmark.
    • Resistive heater comprising first
    and second resistive traces, a fuser subassembly including such a
    resistive heater and a universal heating apparatus including first and
    second resistive traces. Inventors: William Paul Cook, Steven Jeffrey
    Harris, John William Kietzman and Gregory Hardin McClure, all of
    Lexington; Mark Kevin DeMoor, of Nicholasville; and Jerry W. Smith, of
    Irvine. Patent No. 7,193,180 assigned to Lexmark.
    • Method for
    rotating a printer paper-feed roller. Inventors: Barry Baxter Stout and
    John Thomas Writt, both of Lexington. Patent No. 7,193,380 assigned to