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 user 2007-05-02 at 12:23:00 pm Views: 50
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    Sharp Posts Good Fiscal Year
    Japan ‘ Sharp Electronics reported higher net sales and income for its
    fiscal year, ended March 31, based on the strength of its flat-panel TV
    sales and outlined its expansion plans for LCD for the upcoming fiscal

    reported sales of $26.4 billion, an 11.8 percent gain over the previous
    fiscal year, and net income of $858.1 million, a gain of 14.7
    percent.In its financial report released yesterday, Sharp said its
    consumer/information products group’s sales of what it calls
    “audio/visual and communications equipment” were $11.7 billion for the
    fiscal year worldwide, a gain of 26.6 percent, again due to large-scale
    LCD TVs and also mobile phones. Home appliance sales were $2.02 billion
    for the fiscal year, up 6.4 percent, and information equipment was $3.7
    billion for the year, up 4 percent, due to digital full-color MFP sales

    Sharp revealed in its financial statement that it is
    on track to complete the third phase of its LCD production expansion in
    July, when it should “double current capacity to 60,000 sheets” of LCD
    substrates per month.At the same time, the company will soon begin LCD
    TV assembly at its current LCD module factory in Poland. Around the
    same time a second new production plant, which will handle everything
    from module production to final set assembly, will also go online in
    Mexico, Sharp said.Sharp said it hopes to decide by this summer if it
    will proceed with a proposed new production facility for large-size
    LCDs.The company started the second phase of expansion at its Kameyama
    No. 2 plant in January expanding substrate input capacity from 15,000
    to 30,000 sheets per month.”With these efforts, by July 2007, we will
    have developed and put in place an integrated production system at five
    global bases that will be able to take full advantage of the
    unparalleled production capacity of our Kameyama plant,” Sharp said in
    a statement. “For the 2007 Christmas shopping season, we will be able
    to provide the timely delivery of LCD TVs that offer superb quality
    with outstanding cost competitiveness.”

    Sharp said sales of LCD
    TVs were $5.17 billion, up 49.4 percent, and unit sales were 6.03
    million, 1.5 times the level of the previous year.
    The percentage of
    models sold with screen sizes larger than 40 inches increased
    dramatically in the latter half of fiscal 2006, in conjunction with the
    start of operations at the Kameyama No. 2 plant, Sharp said.With this
    increase, Sharp’s average selling price (the blended price for all
    sizes) in the latter half of the fiscal year rose by 7 percent compared
    with the first half of the year, even though retail store prices
    dropped around 20 percent in the last six months.”Digital broadcasting
    is proliferating around the world, and large-size LCD TVs are becoming
    affordable,” Sharp said. “As a result, we anticipate worldwide demand
    for LCD TVs in fiscal 2007 will grow to 72 million units, 1.5 times the
    level of fiscal 2006.”Sharp said its goal for global LCD TV sales in
    fiscal 2007 is to reach approximately $7.2 billion, up 38.5 percent
    from the previous year, and 9 million units, up 1.5 times.”Of these, we
    expect the percentage of models over 30 inches to increase to nearly 80
    percent in fiscal 2007 compared with the 55 percent in fiscal 2006,”
    the company said.