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 user 2007-05-20 at 11:16:00 pm Views: 73
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    HP takes measures to protect its printing supplies in Asia Pacific market

    there has been an increase of counterfeit Hewlett-Packard (HP) printing
    supplies, especially ink and toner cartridges, in the Asia Pacific
    market, HP has decided to provide new ink cartridge choices and toner
    packages to meet the needs of different user segments, as well as
    reduce sales prices by over 20% on average to check the
    illegal/illegitimate competition, according to vice president John
    Solomon for supplies under HP Asia Pacific and Japan at a press
    conference in Beijing, China, on May 17.

    For ink
    cartridges, HP will offer three options; standard cartridge (packaged
    in blue) catering to users with low-volume printing needs, value
    cartridge (green) catering to high-volume users, and specialty
    cartridge (red) specifically for users with unique printing jobs such
    as photos, Solomon pointed out. In addition, for markets where users
    care particularly about printing cost such as Taiwan and China, HP will
    offer Simple Black ink cartridges, Solomon noted.

    cartridges will be in available in double-pack and multi-pack packaging
    to save about 15% in costs for customers, Solomon indicated.

    addition to such offerings, HP will take reinforcing measures to
    prevent the unwitting purchase of imitation HP products, including the
    adoption of HP authentication labels, cooperation with the government,
    and education of potential customers in a market, Solomon pointed out.

    price reductions are intended to counteract counterfeiting and
    imitation of HP products rather than to increase HP’s market shares,
    Solomon emphasized.

    According to Solomon, HP’s
    printing business generated sales revenues of about US$27 billion in
    2006, 15% of which was due to printing supplies. HP’s printing business
    spends US$1.0 billion in R&D a year and possesses more than 9,000
    patents in printing technology and about 4,000 patents regarding
    printing supplies, Solomon noted.