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 user 2007-05-21 at 5:29:00 pm Views: 68
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    Graduation gift for the inkjet set
    LEXMARK DONATING PRINTERS TO ALL COLLEGE-BOUND FAYETTE GRADS..Lexmark International wants to leave a lasting imprint on the class of 2007.

    company will give a free inkjet printer to each Fayette County public
    high school graduate planning to attend an accredited two-year or
    four-year college.

    About 1,500 single-function printers, with
    retail values of $26.99, have been ordered for the students, said Kathy
    Hillyard, manager of corporate citizenship. The total cost — about

    Individual schools are arranging how to distribute the printers.

    Tates Creek High’s 238 printers arrived yesterday.

    “Anybody that looked like they played football, I grabbed them to help bring them in,” said guidance counselor Sue Ruddy.

    The school will hand them out after graduation practice next week.

    The printers come with ink in the box, but don’t expect more freebies after that.

    the company stands to benefit from the sale of replacement ink –
    priced at $17.99 to $29.99 depending on type — it wasn’t dollars and
    cents that spurred the donation, Hillyard said.

    “We’re really just trying to be supportive of our local public school students who are going off to college,” she said.