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 user 2007-05-22 at 4:36:00 pm Views: 68
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    Imitation printer cartridges seized

    PUTRAJAYA malaysia : Imitation printer cartridges worth RM500,000 were
    seized yesterday after the trademark owners became suspicious of offers
    on the Internet by two people in Malaysia. 

    Some 11,500 Canon,
    HP, Epson cartridges were seized from two shoplots in Taman Cheras Baru
    during the 2pm raid on Thursday by three investigators from London and
    13 enforcement officers from the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs

    Enforcement division deputy director-general Ahmad Dahuri Mahmud said
    the three trademark owners became suspicious when they saw offers to
    supply cartridges on the Internet. They played along and took up the

    “The investigators contacted our division a month ago saying they had
    received offers from Malaysian exporters of original printer cartridges
    early this year,” he said yesterday. 

    Ahmad Dahuri said they suspected the distributors to be selling imitation products. 

    He added that the owners sought the ministry’s assistance and they teamed up with officers from the ministry to investigate. 

    He said the investigators confirmed that the cartridges found during the raid were imitation products. 

    Although no one was at the two shoplots during the raid, Ahmad Dahuri
    said the division knew the culprits and would track them down soon. 

    “We have two suspects who probably have more imitation printer
    cartridges stashed elsewhere.” Under the Trade Description Act 1972,
    anyone found making and selling counterfeit products could be fined up
    to RM100,000 or three years’ jail, or both, while second offenders can
    be fined up to RM200,000 or five years’ jail, or both.