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 user 2007-05-29 at 2:40:00 pm Views: 71
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    Computer printer caused port bomb scare
    May  2007 GALVESTON — More than 100 people were forced to evacuate the Texas Cruise Ship Terminal on Thursday morning after bomb-sniffing dogs indicated there could be an explosive concealed in a package.It turned out to be a false alarm. The FBI ultimately determined that the package contained nothing more than a combination computer printer and fax machine and authorities gave the all-clear signal for everyone to return, said Port Director Steve Cernak and Coast Guard spokesman Adam Wine.The incident delayed some nearby businesses from opening. An employee at Willie G’s Seafood Steakhouse, 2100 Harborside Drive, said authorities didn’t allow employees to enter the building until after 11:15 a.m.

    Cernak said the delay was necessary.
    “I’m sure some people were inconvenienced, but it’s better to be safe than sorry,” he said.Port of Galveston Police officers refused to allow a Daily News reporter onto the property or to speak with people who had been evacuated.

    Cernak said the chemicals in the printer alarmed the bomb-sniffing dogs.
    The box, addressed to Carnival Cruise Lines at the terminal, was discovered during a routine sweep of the terminal during preparation for the Thursday morning arrival of the cruise ship Ecstasy.“The terminal was cleared of personnel and they stopped unloading people off the crew ship as a safety zone was established around the area,” Wine said.The dogs made the discovery about 8:10 a.m. and authorities determined it was harmless about 11 a.m.The package had been unloaded from a semi truck into the ship, officials said.The Ecstasy had just returned from a cruise to the Caribbean.Asked if he knew what had happened to the cruise passengers, Paul Davis, a shift supervisor for Starbucks in the 100 block of Kempner Street, which is across the street from the site of the bomb scare, said: “They took them to charter buses and zipped away.”