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 user 2007-06-05 at 1:46:00 pm Views: 51
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    Independent Test Shows Consumers Prefer Cartridge World Ink Over OEM’s
    EMERYVILLE, Calif.–Inks supplied by third party suppliers such as Cartridge World have produced better quality results than higher priced inks supplied by printer manufacturers, according to an inkjet ‘shoot-out’ arranged by the authoritative technology review website, http://www.TrustedReviews.com. The test findings help disprove claims made by printer manufacturers regarding the supposed inferior quality of third party ink and should help convince consumers that they can reduce their print costs without sacrificing quality.

    The test was carried out by TrustedReviews’ resident printer expert, Simon Williams, with the results conveyed in a feature entitled ‘The Inkjet Investigation’ published in April 2007. Simon tested four printers (from Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark) most commonly used by PC users at home and in the office and compared print results using the printer manufacturers’ own branded inks and paper against those supplied by third parties such as Cartridge World.A judging panel made up of typical print users was then asked to rank and score the 230 different print results that were produced using the different combinations of printer, ink and paper.Despite the printer manufacturers’ claims that print quality may be impaired if consumers use unbranded consumables in their machines, the test panel found the opposite. According to the report’s author “Our panel preferred prints produced with ink from a third-party provider over those produced with manufacturer’s own products”.

    Other key findings to emerge from the test were:
    * With each printer manufacturer, third-party ink and paper combinations won more top scores than prints produced with own-brand inks and papers
        * In the case of Canon, none of the prints produced on photo papers with its own ink got a top score
        * Cartridge World inks outperformed the printer manufacturers’ inks in the Canon, Epson and HP printers
        * Across the full range of papers, taking an average of the scores from the different print samples, Cartridge World inks perform top in three out of the four categories.

    http://www.TrustedReviews.com carries out hundreds of in depth tests each year on a range of consumer electronics and IT equipment in an attempt to help consumers sift through the competing performance claims made by manufacturers. The test findings are published on its website (www.trustedreviews.com) which has become a valuable reference source for consumers and IT journalists.According to Burt Yarkin, CEO of Cartridge World North America, the test results represent independent verification that consumers are being forced to pay high prices for their consumables without justification.“TrustedReviews has done us a favor. Consumers have long known that they can achieve savings – of up to 50 percent– when buying printer cartridges at Cartridge World but have been put off by the manufacturers’ claims regarding inferior quality. These test results make those claims appear hollow and unfounded,” Yarkin said.The independent survey entitled ‘The inkjet Investigation’ was carried out by TrustedReviews.com in April 2007. The findings can be downloaded from here:
    http://www.trustedreviews.com/printers/review/2007/04/21/The -Inkjet- Investigation/p1 (Due to its length, this URL may need to be copied/pasted into your Internet browser’s address field. Remove the extra space if one exists.)