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 user 2007-06-26 at 11:19:00 am Views: 114
  • #17912

    Dell cozies up with HP’s largest notebook supplies
    was doing laptop design and price research late last year and realized,
    in my opinion, that Hewlett-Packard Company ‘s retail laptop computers
    seemed quite a bit more stylish and functional than similar offerings
    from rival Dell. HP’s glossy consumer notebooks seemed to give more
    bang for the buck, had great new styling and in many cases, were
    cheaper from a local Best Buy Co., Inc. store than a less-stylish
    (boring) laptop box direct from Dell Inc.’s website. In addition,
    touching and feeling a laptop computer in a store makes buyers out of
    many as opposed to seeing a picture on a website. And recent history
    tells us HP surpassed Dell in global market share — I wonder why?

    is obviously not resting on its laurels here, and is giving more and
    more of its laptop computer contract manufacturing business to
    Taiwanese firm Wistron, who right now may be the largest laptop system
    manufacturer for Hewlett-Packard as well. Remember those glossy and
    well-designed HP laptops I was talking about? They’re all made by
    Wistron based on a design by HP. More and more market share in the PC
    industry is shifting to laptop systems instead of desktop systems, so
    for Dell to give new business to Wistron in addition to Compal (its
    largest contract manufacturer for laptops currently) makes perfect

    Dell’s reported larger order from Wistron would make the
    Taiwanese company the second-largest maker of laptop systems for Dell.
    The one thing Dell needs in the sub-$1,000 consumer laptop market is
    design finesse, though. HP accomplished that in my opinion with
    Wistron, as just looking at newer HP consumer laptops gives me the feel
    of an Apple Inc. laptop system (to a point). With laptops having been
    boring flat boxes for so long, HP’s design finesse comes shining
    through (and Sony Corporation  has a great design in laptops as well).
    In addition to signing on Wistron to make a ton more Dell laptop
    systems, can the Round Rock company get its act together in terms of a
    nicer design? Recent hire Ron Garriques may be able to accomplish that
    – and it’s desperately needed if Dell wants to start taking market
    share back from HP.