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    Original HP isThe Best Choice for Printing
    June 07- European Research Firm Innovationstechnik Proves Original HP
    Inkjet Cartridges Print More and are More Reliable Than AlternativesHP
    today announced the findings of a third party report it commissioned to
    look into the efficacy of Original HP ink cartridges as compared with
    alternative, so-called ‘store/refill brand’ and ‘refill station’
    European offerings.Leading European research firm Innovationstechnik
    tested more than 1,000 inkjet cartridges from 16 well-known European
    store/refill brands and refill station offerings against their Original
    HP counterparts during late 2006 and early 2007. The findings were very
    - Original HP inkjet cartridges print 34% more pages than compatible alternatives(2)
    - Original HP inkjet cartridges print 69% more pages than cartridges refilled at refill stations(3)
    well as looking at the relative yields afforded by the different inkjet
    cartridge alternatives, Innovationstechnik also tested their relative
    reliability. The results were equally clear-cut:
    - On average, more than one in five (24%) compatible alternatives were dead on arrival(4) or failed prematurely(5)
    - On average, one in three (33.6%) inkjet cartridges refilled at shops or kiosks were dead on arrival or failed prematurely

    yet another test, Original HP Supplies prove that they offer not only
    better reliability and better quality results than alternative options,
    but they give far superior value for money,” said Vincent Vanderpoel,
    vice president and general manager Supplies Business, Imaging and
    Printing Group, Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Considering HP’s
    unrivalled commitment to environmental responsibility in printing
    supplies and choice of supplies to suit every printing project
    requirement, the reasons to buy anything but originals are becoming
    less and less convincing.”Innovationstechnik tested a minimum of 17
    cartridges per cartridge type and brand to ensure statistical validity,
    though in some case more cartridges were tested as necessary to adhere
    to ISO/IEC 24711, which states that a minimum of nine cartridges must
    be successfully tested. Page yield was then calculated based on all
    cartridges tested, including defective units.Similarly, the testing of
    a minimum of 17 cartridges tested per cartridge type and brand ensured
    statistical validity for the reliability tests performed by
    Innovationstechnik. Reliability problems were expressed as the
    percentage sum of dead on arrival cartridges and those that resulted in
    premature failures.For more information on test results, methodology
    and HP and Innovationstechnik, please visit http://www.hp.com/cc/inktest
    (where cc stands for country code, e.g. ‘uk’ for the UK, ‘it’ for
    Italy, etc.)

    About HP Vivera Inks
    Vivera Inks, designed exclusively for HP inkjet printers, enable
    consumers using HP specialty photo papers to print extremely
    high-quality photos that will resist fading for generations. The
    extraordinary performance results from superior ingredients, unique
    formulations and painstaking manufacturing processes that ensure
    exceptional purity.Formulated to work together with the printer and
    paper as an entire system, HP Vivera Inks encompass two key elements
    that contribute to the inks’ exceptional performance:Superior
    ingredients and unique ink formulations: proprietary HP Vivera Inks are
    specifically designed to address key printing attributes most important
    to customers.From innovative dyes to advanced pigment dispersion
    technologies, HP ink technology continues to stay ahead.Exceptional ink
    purity: combining precise levels of purity for each ingredient with
    stringent, “clean” manufacturing processes helps ensure the optimal
    reliability and performance of HP inks.

    About HP
    focuses on simplifying technology experiences for all of its customers
    - from individual consumers to the largest businesses. With a portfolio
    that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT
    infrastructure, HP is among the world’s largest IT companies, with
    revenue totaling US$97.1 billion for the four fiscal quarters ended
    April 30, 2007.

    About Innovationstechnik
    founded in 1979, has been offering quality assurance and testing
    services to the imaging and printing industry for more than 10 years.
    Among Innovationstechnik’s customers are both OEM as well as
    aftermarket companies. Innovationstechnik also regularly conducts
    testing for the biggest German IT publication, Computerbild.
    Based on results of brands tested in 2006/2007 by Innovationstechnik
    test commissioned by HP. Testing performed on HP 45, HP 78, HP 56 and
    HP 57 Inkjet Print Cartridges. Individual results may vary. See the
    Innovationstechnik report at http://www.hp.com/cc/inktest for details.
    Confronted with different comparative advertisement rules within the
    EMEA region, the percentage HP communicates across EMEA is based on
    German comparative advertisement legal rules that bound HP to
    communicate the result compared to the best German tested brand with
    34.6%, instead of the average test result of 79.5%
    (3) Confronted
    with different comparative advertisement rules within the EMEA region,
    the percentage HP communicates across EMEA is based on German
    comparative advertisement legal rules that bound HP to communicate the
    result compared to the best German tested brand with 69.1%
    (4) ‘Dead
    on arrival’ cartridges were defined as those exhibiting substantial ink
    leakage, fewer than 50 pages printed, or colour mix on 10 consecutive
    (5) ‘Premature failure’ cartridges were defined as those that
    afforded less than 75% of the average yield excluding DOAs for that
    cartridge type and brand.