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 user 2007-07-18 at 1:57:00 pm Views: 99
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    Is Your Printer Spying On You?
    Lab has started a website that helps consumers contact the manufacturer
    of their printer so they can request that “tracking dots” be eliminated
    from their machines.the dots hold information about the serial number,
    make and model of your printer and were placed there at the behest of
    the Secret Service—supposedly to help locate counterfeiters. Seeing
    Yellow, a project by MIT’s Media Lab, claims that after contacting the
    printer manufacturer about how to disable the tracking dots, the Secret
    Service showed up at one consumer’s door asking questions. Uh, scary.

    From Seeing Yellow:
    color laser printers made and sold today intentionally add invisible
    information to make it easier to determine where (and when) a
    particular document was printed. This seems to have been done as part
    of a secret deal between the United States Secret Service and the
    individual manufacturers. Some of the manufacturers have mentioned the
    existence of the tracking information in their documentation, and
    others haven’t. None of them have explained exactly how it works or
    what information is conveyed. No law requires printer companies to help
    track printer users this way, and no law prevents them from stopping
    this practice or giving customers a solution to avoid being
    tracked.This information is most famously known to be coded by patterns
    of yellow dots that the printers add to the background of all the pages
    they print. The yellow dots are hard to see with the naked eye, but can
    be seen under bright blue light or with a microscope. Their arrangement
    reveals which printer was used to print a particular document, and
    sometimes also shows when it was printed. Some of the codes have been
    understood while others are still mysterious, but none of the printer
    manufacturers has denied that the dots are intended to help track a
    particular document to a particular printer (or that they can actually
    be used for this purpose). This is a direct attack on the privacy of
    the owners and users of printers, and in particular, on their right to
    free, anonymous speech.

    Here’s a list of affected printers as well as more info from the EFF.
    of Printers Which Do or Do Not Display Tracking DotsThis is a list in
    progress of color laser printer models that do or do not print yellow
    tracking dots on their output.We are in the process of trying to
    interpret the information conveyed by these dots as part of our Machine
    Identification Code Technology Project.

    Limitations of this information
    “no” simply means that we couldn’t see yellow dots; it does not prove
    that there is no forensic watermarking present. (For example, the HP
    Color LaserJET 8500 series does not include any yellow tracking dots
    that we can see, but it may still include some kind of forensic
    marking, since the majority of other Color LaserJET models do. Other
    forensic marking techniques have been invented, and we do not yet know
    how to determine whether these techniques are used by a particular
    printer.)A “yes” simply means that we (or another source, as noted) saw
    yellow dots that appeared anomalous to us. Until we decipher the
    marking schemes or receive other confirmation, this does not constitute
    proof that any particular kind of information is represented by these
    dots. In a very few cases, for example, they might be the result of a
    dithering technique, rather than a forensic mark, or they could be the
    result of a poorly calibrated printer. In most cases, we are confident
    that the arrangement of dots is intentional and is intended to track

    Sources of information
    have employed three sources of information. We looked at printer output
    under a blue light and/or a computer microscope; we consulted press
    reports about printers (e.g. at Druckerchannel); we relied on printer
    manuals and other manufacturer statements. We welcome additional
    statements by manufacturers, resellers, or technicians.

    to our friends at software firms and symphonies, public schools and
    physics labs, semiconductor fabs and ice cream parlors, in about a
    dozen countries around the world.

    Table of printers
    Manufacturer     Model     Dots?     Comments
        HL-2700CN     yes     volunteer test
        HL-4200CN     yes     EFF test
        CLC 1000     yes     EFF test
        CLC 2400     yes     EFF test
        CLC 3002     yes     EFF test
        CLC 4000     yes     EFF test
        CLC 5000+     yes     EFF test
        CLC-iR 3200-C1     yes     EFF test
        Color imageRUNNER C2570     yes     EFF test
        Color imageRUNNER C3100CN     yes     EFF test
        Color imageRUNNER C3200     yes     EFF test
        Color imageRUNNER C3200N     yes     EFF test
        Color imageRUNNER C3220     yes     EFF test
        Color Laser Copier 1150     yes     EFF test
        Imageclass MF8170C     yes     EFF test
        LBP 2410     unclear     faint dots; could be artifacts
        3000CN     yes     EFF test
        3100CN     yes     EFF test
        5100CN     yes     EFF test
        AcuLaser C900     yes     EFF test
        AcuLaser C1100     yes     EFF test
        AcuLaser C1500     yes     EFF test
        AcuLaser C1900     yes     EFF test
        AcuLaser C3000     yes     EFF test
        AcuLaser C4000     yes     EFF test
    Fuji: see Xerox
        Color LaserJET 1550L     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 2250LN     no (??)     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 2500     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 2500N     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 2550     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 2550L     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 2550N     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 2600N     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 2680     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 2840     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 3500     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 3550     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 3600DN     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 3700     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 3700DN     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 3700N     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 4500     no     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 4500DN     no     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 4500N     no     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 4550     no     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 4550N     no     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 4600     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 4600DN     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 4600HDN     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 4600N     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 4650     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 4650DN     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 4650DTN     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 5M     no     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 5100CN     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 5500     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 5500ATN     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 5500DN     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 5500HDN     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 5550     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 5550DN     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 5550DTN     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 8500     no     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 8500DN     no     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 8550     no     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 8550DN     no     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 8550GN     no     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 9500     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 9500HDN     yes     EFF test
        Color LaserJET 9500MFP     yes     EFF test
        Infoprint Color 1454     unclear     dithering?
        Infoprint Color 1464 PS3     yes     dithering?
        Bizhub C350     yes     EFF test
        Colorforce 1501     yes     EFF test
        Colorforce 8050     yes     EFF test
        DialtaColor CF 2001     unclear     dithering?
        DialtaColor CF 2002     unclear     dithering?
        Ikon CPP500E     yes     EFF test
        Magicolor 2 Desklaser     no     EFF test
        Magicolor 2200 DL     yes     EFF test
        Magicolor 2210     yes     EFF test
        Magicolor 2300 DL     yes     EFF test
        Magicolor 2300 W     yes     EFF test
        Magicolor 2350     yes     EFF test
        Magicolor 2350 EN     yes     EFF test
        Magicolor 2400 W     yes     EFF test
        Magicolor 2430 DL     yes     EFF test
        Magicolor 2450     yes     EFF test
        Magicolor 3100     yes     EFF test
        Magicolor 3300     yes     EFF test
        Magicolor 5450     yes     EFF test
        Magicolor 7300     yes     EFF test
        FS-C5016N     yes     EFF test
        FS-C5030N     yes     EFF test
        FS-C8008     yes     EFF test
        Mita KM-C2230     yes     EFF test
        LD238C     yes     EFF test
        LP125CX/LP126CN     yes     EFF test
        C510     yes     EFF test
        C720     unclear     retest
        C752     yes     EFF test
        C752N     yes     EFF test
        C760     yes     EFF test
        C910     yes     EFF test
        C912     yes     EFF test
    Minolta: see Konica
        C5100     no     EFF test
        C5150     no     EFF test
        C5150N     no     EFF test
        C5200     no     EFF test
        C5300     no     EFF test
        C7200     no     EFF test
        C7350     no     EFF test
        C7400     no     EFF test
        C7400N     no     EFF test
        C9200     no     EFF test
        C9300     no     EFF test
        C9400     no     EFF test
        MIP C5540     no     EFF test
        OkiLAN 8100E     no     EFF test
        Workio KXCL-500     yes     EFF test
        (see also Savin)
        Aficio 1224C     yes     EFF test
        Aficio 1232C     yes     EFF test
        Aficio CL 2000     yes     press report
        Aficio CL 3000     yes     EFF test
        Aficio CL 3000E     yes     EFF test
        Aficio CL 6010     yes     EFF test
        Aficio CL 7000     yes     EFF test
        AP 206     yes     EFF test
        Infotec/Danka ISC 2838     yes     EFF test
        CLP-500     no     EFF test
        CLP-510     no     EFF test
        CLP-550     no     EFF test
        CLP-550N     no     EFF test
        C3210     yes     EFF test
        CLP35     yes     EFF test
    Tektronix: see Xerox
        eStudio 210c     yes     mfr. statement
        eStudio 211c     yes     mfr. statement
        eStudio 310c     yes     mfr. statement
        eStudio 311c     yes     mfr. statement
        eStudio 2100c     yes     mfr. statement
        eStudio 3100c     yes     mfr. statement
        eStudio 3511     yes     EFF test
        FC15     yes     mfr. statement
        FC15i     yes     mfr. statement
        FC22     yes     mfr. statement
        FC22i     yes     mfr. statement
        FC25P     yes     mfr. statement
        FC25Pi     yes     mfr. statement
        FC70     yes     mfr. statement
        DocuColor 12     yes     EFF test
        DocuColor 40     yes     EFF test
        DocuColor 1521     yes     EFF test
        DocuColor 1632     yes     EFF test
        DocuColor 2000     yes     mfr. statement
        DocuColor 2045     yes     EFF test
        DocuColor 2240     yes     EFF test
        DocuColor 3535     yes     EFF test
        DocuColor 6060     yes     EFF test/mfr. statement
        Phaser 560     no     EFF test
        Phaser 740     no     EFF test
        Phaser 750 (Z750V)     no     EFF test
        Phaser 750P     no     EFF test
        Phaser 790     yes     EFF test
        Phaser 850DP     no     EFF test
        Phaser 860DP     no     EFF test
        Phaser 1235     no     EFF test
        Phaser 6100     no     EFF test
        Phaser 6200     no     EFF test
        Phaser 6200DP     no     EFF test
        Phaser 6250DP     no     EFF test
        Phaser 6350DP     no     EFF test
        Phaser 7300DN     no     EFF test
        Phaser 7300DT     no     EFF test
        Phaser 7700     no     EFF test
        Phaser 7750DN     no     EFF test
        Phaser 8200DP     no     EFF test
        Phaser 8200DX     no     EFF test
        Phaser 8400     no     dithering?
        Phaser 8400B     unclear     dithering?
        Phaser 8400DP     unclear     dithering?
        Phaser 8400DX     unclear     dithering?
        Phaser 8400N     unclear     dithering?
        Phaser 8440DP     unclear     dithering?
        Phaser 8550     no     EFF test
        Phaser 8550DP     no     EFF test
        WorkCentre M24     yes     EFF test
        WorkCentre Pro (all models)     yes     mfr. statement

    MIT Group Starts Campaign to Stop Printer Companies From Spying On You
    actually brailleManufacturers of color, laser printers quietly
    cooperated with the Secret Service to print nearly invisible tracking
    codes on every color page printed through laser printers individuals
    buy, ostensibly as a way to track down forgeries.The Computing Counter
    Culture Group at MIT Media Labs now wants laser printer owners to start
    asking hard questions of the manufacturers.  And they say that one
    person who contacted his printer manufacturer got a visit a few days
    later from Secret Service agents who wanted to know why that person
    hated freedom.